18 Reddit Posts That Are Spreading Good Vibes Faster Than the Speed of Light

3 years ago

There are many ways to stay warm and uplifted on an autumn day, and looking at some cute animal pictures seems to work just as well as making yourself a cup of tea and cocooning in a thick woolen blanket. Make yourself comfortable and get ready to bathe in warm rays of kindness, sweetness, and love while you look at these fluffy cutie pies.

We at Bright Side definitely felt warmer and cozier when we saw these 18 candid animal pics that vibrate with positive emotions, and we hope they’ll warm you up on this autumn day.

1. “I don’t think I’ll ever get my half of the bed back.”

2. “My friend’s horse showing off his new plushy”

3. “The happiest post I have ever made.”

4. “How Moose really feels about the crying baby”

5. “She thinks I am her mom, and I’m okay with that. Cow kisses are the best!”

6. “The face of a very good girl who just realized she gets to go hiking all weekend”

7. “This is Clyde, today he looks like dancing Snoopy.”

8. “Our boy drags his bed to wherever he sees a sun spot, plops it down, and chills until he needs to move to a new spot.”

9. “My dog’s most favorite person in the world is my grandma. It was her 89th birthday yesterday, and he had to greet her with a proper hug.”

10. “First day home and already smiley in her bed”

11. “Day 1 vs Day 30 after adoption”

12. “My new neighbor is a cutie pie.”

13. “I adopted a cat, and this was one hour after we got home.”

14. “I told my dog my father was coming over to visit in a little while.”

15. “Played with 5-week-old corgis, and they quickly got tired.”

16. Having a peaceful nap together

17. “My boy Fred after knocking over every kitchen stool on the way to say ’Hello’”

18. My husband on Sunday: “We are not keeping the stray.”

My husband today: “Don’t wake up Oliver.”

Do you have a kind and sweet photo to add to our collection? Show it to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit F***_Mustard / Reddit


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