18 Responsible Pets That Have the Biggest Hearts in the World

3 years ago

In 2018, there were 470 million domestic dogs and 370 million cats in the world. Our enormous love for these animals is understandable — not only are they charming and funny, they’re also some of the most sympathetic creatures on Earth, capable of good, and sometimes even heroic deeds.

At Bright Side, we believe pets can melt even the coldest person’s heart. Which is exactly what these 18 dogs and cats did.

1. This dog let a cat into his kennel. The owners later found out why — the cat was pregnant and gave birth inside.

2. “Sammy loves to bring us gifts, most often socks and gloves. We went out of town for a week, and she was so glad to see us when we got back that she brought us about 30 socks!”

3. “My mom accidentally ordered an XS dog bed, but he’s still grateful.”

4. “Every time I shower he thinks I’m suffering and tries to rescue me.”

5. “This is Jasper. He is my neighbor’s dog. I can’t leave the house much due to health issues, so anytime he sees me he runs back inside his house to bring me back one of his favorite toys. Today, it was his duck.”

6. “Our adopted cat loves to help us care for our foster kittens.”

7. “This is my 21-year-old cat Bubba. He’s a year older than me and saved me from a scorpion when I was 2.”

8. “So this happened. I can’t believe mama dog let kitty into her ’nest.’”

9. “My girlfriend was in the hospital last night and her service dog decided the floor was just too far away.”

10. “This cat likes to wait for flowers to fall in the garden, and then she will spend her day examining them, and each day she will select a few and bring them into the house as gifts.”

11. “It looks like Ziggy loves the smell of his owner. It’s so sweet!”

12. “This morning I felt poorly when I woke up, and after feeding her she left her unfinished wet food and kept harassing me till I checked my vitals. 96.1 °F and that’s how my cat saved me from secondary hypothermia today.”

13. “The fact that my puppy put up with these glasses because I asked her to makes me smile. We don’t deserve dogs.”

14. “Milo waits patiently for his new little brother Rylie to finish eating before he does.”

15. Just two brothers feeding a rat

16. “I lost my mom last January. I was alone at home, there were days or even weeks I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. But Pudge was there every day by my side, relentlessly purring.”

17. “I had a really horrible migraine one day and a pain in my shoulder. I wanted to go lie down. Greta wouldn’t let me.”

“She continued to bark at me and paw at me. My phone rang. When I went to answer the call, I couldn’t figure out how to press the green button. I had a stroke, and had I fallen asleep, I would have never seen my phone go off or answered it.”

18. “Tikki was very vocal, more so than usual, and kept running into the back bedroom until I followed her. That’s when I found Belle curled up in front of the litter box unable to move.”

“The vet said I could have lost Belle had it not been for Tikki.”

Do you have stories of when your pet showed you how big their heart is? Share them in the comments below.

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we have 2 cats (both rescue). the boy cat couldn't eat properly due to undiagnosed issues with his teeth.Before most of his teeth were removed by the vet, our other cat would deliberately vomit up her food just so he had something he could eat easily. We always knew the difference between the different types of vomit because if she decided he was hungry, she would make a racket until he came and ate it. If she was vomiting due to a hair ball or something she did very quietly. Unfortunately she did it so often that she herself had to have a few teeth removed when got older. I sometimes wish we could use her as a foster mum as she is incredibly loving and caring (even if it is absolutely disgusting)


number 4 is so cute! but I can see it being annoying when you have to deal with this every day


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