18 Things That Disguised Themselves as Something Else, and We Almost Took the Bait

3 years ago

A fluffy slice of sweet chocolate cake or a piece of smoked pork belly can make anyone salivate. But life can hit you hard when you realize the delicacy you wanted to indulge in just a moment ago is nothing more than a rock. Our vision can be easily tricked by these cunning objects, so be careful and look through our picture collection to know what to expect.

Here at Bright Side, we had to rub our eyes when we saw these 18 objects that pretended to be something else and almost succeeded.

1. “This tree at my local park looks like copper.”

2. “I found a pebble that looks like a slice of French toast.”

3. “My toasted marshmallows look like meat.”

4. “This wallet is disguised as a map of New York to throw off pickpocketers.”

5. A cracked nut that resembles an owl

6. “This plant looks like a broomstick.”

7. These flowers look like hummingbirds drinking nectar.

8. “This granola tried to disguise itself as the kitchen counter.”

9. “This wasp nest looks a bit like Jupiter.”

10. “My daytime cold medicine melted in my car and now they look like elf shoes.”

11. “The window in this house I rented looks like a painting.”

12. This is not a wooden twig — it’s a moth!

13. “This rock looks like a piece of raw chicken.”

14. “Small apples that look like cherries”

15. It looks like a piece of pork belly, but it’s actually a small rock.

16. Meet cucamelons — they look like tiny watermelons and taste like cucumbers.

17. A moth that pretends to be a dry leaf

18. What a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake — oh, wait, that’s a rock!

When was the last time you saw something that made you rub your eyes? If you managed to take a photo of that tricky thing, show it to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit connor_clark07 / Reddit


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Damn, some of these were really good! Especially that moth twig one.. I still can't see it tbh


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