19 Animals Didn’t Wait for Monday to Start Their Diet and Rocked Weight Loss

3 years ago

More than half of cats and dogs are overweight. This not only makes them less active, but it can also cause lots of health issues and diseases. But there’s hope! Even if a pet is already overweight this situation can be changed.

And we at Bright Side collected some great examples of animals that amazed us with their transformation. They didn’t keep waiting for the right moment to come and with the help of their owners, they achieved some incredible results.

1. " I adopted her as a very chunky kitty and this has been a process for years."

2. “2 years and TONS of walks later, Shiloh has reached her target weight!!”

3. “Adopted this cute and (very) overweight kitty a few years ago, put him on a diet, and now he’s less than half the weight of when I first got him!”

4. “How I got him a year ago vs How he looks now”

5. “3-month-progress pics”

6. “Jesse has successfully shrunk! About a 1.5 kg loss.”

7. “How I used to roll up to the dog park vs How I roll up now”

8. “Everyone stop and look at Lolly’s progress! I’m so proud of her.”

9. “I adopted an overweight dog. Here’s a before and after pic of him losing 9 pounds!”

10. “My handsome Holland has lost 5.5 lbs since my fiancé and I adopted him 2 years ago!”

11. “From 82 pounds down to 74! Still got a ways to go but off to a good start.”

12. “De-chonkafication has succeeded. We have reached Fine Boi.”

13. “Shiloh at ~25 lbs vs ~18 lbs. He’s definitely more energetic and 110% still a good boy.”

14. “My cat, who managed to go from 20 to 14 pounds in a little over a year!”

15. “Buddy’s weight loss transformation! From 185 lbs to 130 lbs.”

16. “28 lbs to our goal of 16 lbs! I’m so proud of him!”

17. “Chim went from 10 lbs to 6.5 lbs!”

18. “Almost 3 years of weight loss”

19. “Started fostering her 7 months ago after she was abandoned from a puppy mill operation at 74 lbs. We officially adopted her a month ago and she is now 48 lbs!”

What are your thoughts about animal weight loss? Has your animal ever changed this much? Show us their photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit mikerich15 / Reddit


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