19 Animals That You Can’t Wait to Pet, Feed, and Snap a Photo Of

3 years ago

Kitties and pooches are certainly cute creatures. But we shouldn’t forget about birds, reptiles, fish, and other exotic animals.

At Bright Side, we decided to prove that any animal can be cute and found photos to confirm this point of view.

“This is our Feodor sleeping. In his sleep, he twitches his paws, probably trying to fight back against the imaginary enemies.”

It’s like the first night after getting fake nails. © okknvaim / pikabu

A little miracle: The hatching of a leopard gecko

This flirty meerkat wishes you all a good day. Actually, it’s not the easiest thing to shoot, because it’s always in motion.

“This is Kiselyochek, a fat-tailed gerbil. In the daytime, he usually sleeps, but in the evening he begins to spin the wheel in his cage.”

“2 tiny marmosets. I don’t know why they are so cute! But these clever eyes look right into your soul.”

She’s definitely on another plane of existence when eating yogies.

“My fat girl, Stormy.”

“I asked my neighbor where he found it. He said that he went to feed his geese and found this wonder right in the feeder. The geese almost ate it.”

“I couldn’t find her. She was sleeping on top of a door.”

This is the first African penguin that hatched in Russia. It lives in the Krasnoyarsk Park of Flora and Fauna. It’s incredibly soft on the touch.

“The possum that visits our deck every evening brought along somebody special last night! I love the way the cub looks at the camera. So cute!”

“Vesna, a tame fox, lives in Krasnoyarsk Park Royev Ruchey. Today is her birthday. My favorite pet turned 4.”

Furry cuteness

These are Asian palm civets. Yes, these are the animals who produce kopi luwak, a form of coffee that involves the ingestion and excretion of the beans by the animal.

“A disgusting animal! I’m always told that rats are disgusting but I haven’t moved my hand for 30 minutes so I don’t wake him up.”

Can I have lettuce?

A green-cheeked parakeet chick

Just a baby porcupine eating clover flowers...

When you’re little, you can sleep however you want to.

Do you have a photo of your cute pet that you’d like to share?

Preview photo credit gromt / reddit


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humans are the most infectious creatures on earth... fyi
animals are precious


I love those "unique" pets, way cooler than a dog or a cat :D


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