9 Desk Setup Products on Black Friday Sale That Will Make You Say, “Woah, I Need It!”

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Nowadays, we sit in front of computers for what seems like ages. An average person spends about 4 hours a day in front of one, but for those with corporate jobs, it’s much more. That’s why, whether you work from home or only sit at a desk on the weekends, creating a comfortable environment at your working spot is critical. The time spent there should be pleasant and evoke positive emotions to help you be productive.

And it’s even better when the products we need to improve our lives can be found at great discounts; then there’s no excuse not to put ourselves first.

1. Impress your colleagues by improving your webcam image quality: “I use Zoom a lot, and my colleagues have noticed a huge difference in quality compared to my last camera.”

  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone
  • Clear videos at resolutions up to 1920×1080 with 30 FPS
  • When not in use, the privacy cover conceals the webcam’s lens.

Promising review:

I didn’t really care about my laptop’s built-in camera quality because I rarely used it. However, everything changed in lockdown 2021. My girls’ school has a Zoom class meeting once a week. Though I can use my phone, I feel using a laptop is more comfortable and easier for them to see everyone on one screen.
This is when I realized my laptop’s built-in camera quality is far from ideal. Initially, I was looking at other big brands like W**dows or L***tech, but then I came across Nexigo, which has good reviews and a reasonable price. I am very satisfied with my purchase. As you can see from the pictures, the quality difference is visible. I’ve used it for a messenger meeting as well; it works perfectly. You can see in the pictures the huge difference between the two cameras.
No installation is required. Just plug it in and use it. I do need to go into my settings to switch to the new camera; otherwise, my laptop would continue using the built-in (default) one. The only thing is, while testing the camera with my husband, he says the sound seems very sharp, so I don’t use the webcam’s built-in microphone; I use my laptop’s microphone instead. @Angela

2. This mouse pad is perfect for those who need some wrist support while at the computer: “I love the inspiration I get when I look down at this mouse pad. The wrist part is super comfortable.”

  • This mouse pad is designed to help reduce pressure for optimal comfort and long-term use.
  • It keeps your hand in a neutral position for ergonomic comfort.
  • It won’t move off your desktop until you peel it off, thanks to the soft non-skid PU base grips.

Promising review:

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this mouse pad!!! It’s SOOO comfortable and it doesn’t move around because of the backing. The leopard print is ADORABLE. Even my husband commented on how much he likes it! I highly recommend it.👌 Without a doubt, 10/10! Zero complaints! @Mrs. Garcia

3. What about the lamp + organizer? It’s a level-up in space organizing while maintaining the proper lighting at your desk.

  • There are 3 lighting options to choose from: warm light, soft light, and white light.
  • Tap to change light colors and hold to dim or brighten.
  • The lamp has USB charging.

Promising review:

The lamp has 3 color modes, which are perfect. I tend to use the most yellow one as I prefer a soft light that is gentle on the eyes. The whiter lights are perfect for seeing something like sewing. I use this as a desk lamp when I am working and can tilt it up to my face for light when presenting on webcam, but mostly have it angled down to give brightness to my desk. It has a great range of motion and is a lovely size. The LEDs are lovely and soft but can also be bright when needed. @Emily

4. Reduce neck strain caused by looking down at your iPad and place it on a tablet holder: “I use this great stand instead of holding my tablet with one hand.”

  • The iPad may be set on the holder and used with a keyboard to function as an actual PC.
  • The tablet is kept in place by the low center of gravity design and extended hooks.
  • It is protected from scratches and slippage by rubber cushions.

Promising review:

It’s very sturdy. I got this to stop me from slouching at the desk. I now game in a better position, and it has eliminated my shoulder pain. It comes in a simple box with instructions and spare silicone non-slip pads.
I like the style and the fact that it’s metal, with a very pretty machined edge. There is a hole in the stand for style and function. You can push the charging cable through it, but I personally don’t use it as I like to rotate my iPad from landscape to portrait frequently.
It’s good. @Yuey

5. Good lighting is the key to productive and efficient work: “This lamp has a very flexible arm and is powered by USB, so it doesn’t require an extra wall plug. Ideal for working from home in the dark months to come. Recommended.”

  • The desk lamp with a clamp offers 10 custom brightness settings and 3 light modes: white light 6000 K, daylight 4500 K, and warm light 3000 K.
  • It is a 360° rotating lamp.
  • The clip desk lights use 75% less energy than standard incandescent lights.
  • Thanks to its compact clamp and hidden cabling, you can keep your desktop clutter-free.

Promising review:

Put all those lights out — you only need this one. I do like a well-lit desk, so as I built my own office in the workshop, I installed a great number of LED lights on the ceiling. LED still has operating costs, especially in these days of ever-increasingly expensive electricity. I sought a high-efficiency desk light at a reasonable price with no power-sapping and a potential flaky power supply. This runs off a USB output on either a wall or a computer. The in-lead controller is a bonus too.
This product ticks every box except it needs a weighty base rather than just a clamp for the table/desktop. So I bought another for my girlfriend’s desk at her home. @Tom Taylor-duxbury

6. Free space on your desk is free space in your mind: “The riser is ideal, and the smaller keyboard I have fits underneath, so it’s great for space and tidying my desk away at night.”

Maintain a healthy eye-level height for your screen, and improve your posture to ease eyestrain and avoid back and neck problems throughout the day by placing your monitor on the stand.

  • Measuring 142 mm in height and 12 mm in material thickness
  • Max holding capacity 30 kg
  • Assemble in 3 minutes using the simple instructions

Promising review:

Amazing and sturdy! It came in a box that I had to put together, and it was easy to put together. No damage to it either. No screwdriver is included, so make sure you have one. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s still sturdy. I keep my laptop on it with other bits. I’ve moved it around when I clean, and it is easy to do that. The space underneath is helpful and has helped to keep my small desk tidy. I would highly recommend it! And it is a space saver and total value for money!! @AA

7. Upgrade to a more colorful keyboard to delight the eyes during the dark season: “This may be one of the best keyboards I have used at this price point. If this keyboard was £60, I would still be happy with the quality of the product. It looks amazing and feels like a premium product. Buy it!”

  • There are several colors available for you to pick from.
  • Without affecting the keyboard’s functioning, the shape is compressed by 60%.
  • It measures 11.8×4.3×1.2 in.
  • 62-key layout
  • To choose between the cool backlit effects on the RGB light-up gaming keyboard, press PN+P.

Promising review:

The K61 keyboard from ZIYOU LANG is absolutely fantastic. First of all, it has a mechanical feel. It’s not a mechanical keyboard, but it feels like one. The RGB features are awesome. Many different patterns and modes can be easily changed with a key shortcut. The wire is long enough to connect to any desk. This keyboard truly surprised me as, for a fair price, you are getting a decent 60% size keyboard with great RGB and mechanical feel. @Mr. K

8. This mouse mat will help you achieve your desk set-up’s finished look. You can choose the perfect one from various sizes and colors.

  • 1.6 mm thick
  • Desk pad has a smooth surface made of faux leather and a non-slip suede base.
  • If the liquid gets on the desk protector mat, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Promising review:

A pretty pink desk mat, the perfect size for what I wanted. It has a suede underside, so it won’t slip about when being used, and being made from PVC leather, it is waterproof, so it will protect your desk from accidental spills and scratches.
The chest of drawers sits in a sunny bay window, so the mat has also been useful in protecting them from getting damaged by the harsh sun. The mat does come with a wraparound belt that you can use to keep the desk mat neatly rolled up and stored away when not in use or to take it with you when out and about.
There is a range of sizes and colors available to best suit your interior style. This is a useful and durable item that can be used at home, in the office, or at school. @A. Bridget

9. A wireless charger for your devices that won’t take up much space but it will get the job done quickly: “Really nice compact design, excellent fast charging, and there’s space to charge your pods as well if you have them. Great product, highly recommended.”

  • This wireless charging station can charge three devices at the same time: iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.
  • It has built-in protections against overcharging, overcurrent, and overvoltage.
  • The wireless charger works with a wide range of phones.

Promising review:

Great product that looks good on my desk! Having just upgraded my phone to an iPhone 13, I wanted to take advantage of its wireless charging to remove all the cables from my desk. This product does a great job; it’s nice and compact, so it doesn’t take up much space, and now there’s only one cable to charge my watch, phone, and air pods, so it’s nice and tidy! You can have a colored light around the base of the unit to show when it’s charging, but it is easily turned off by pressing the button on the top. I’m planning to buy another one for my wife for her office desk! @Annetts C

Do you enjoy keeping your desk neat and organized? How does it impact your productivity?

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