9 Cool Features in Your Home You May Not Have Noticed Before

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In the past, tools were designed to be simple and straightforward, but that’s simply not the case today. These days, everything seems to have multiple functions, which is great, except that it’s hard to keep up with it all. From leftover sodas to door knobs, we’ll let you in on some secrets and rarely used features that these basic items have.

Bright Side took a look at various things around the house and dove deeper into how these can help improve our daily lives.

1. A brass doorknob helps keep germs away.

Brass doorknobs may cost more compared to other knobs, like stainless steel, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Brass, a copper alloy, is an anti-microbial material that helps keep your hands free from germs. Studies have shown that surfaces made of copper kill bacteria and viruses upon contact. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protective Agency registered copper as the first antimicrobial material.

2. Use rubber gloves to safely open jars.

Here’s a safer and more effective way to open a tight jar on your own: use a rubber glove. The rubber features a sturdy grip and makes it easier and more comfortable for your hands when pressing against the metal lid. Just make sure that the gloves are clean and dry.

3. Apply soda leftovers to your compost.

Believe it or not, soda does help in composting. The sugar in the soda attracts good microorganisms that kick off the process, while the acidity content assists in breaking down organic materials faster.

4. Sharpen blunt scissors with aluminum foil.

You can avoid discarding blunt scissors with a little help from aluminum foil. Start by tearing a piece of foil measuring at about 12-inches, and fold it a few times until it’s 6 layers thick. Use the scissors to cut through the foil several times to sharpen it. Note that this technique will only work for slightly dull scissors, not for damaged blades.

5. The colored strip on every toothpaste tube is used as a cutting mark.

There have been many speculations about what the strip at the bottom of toothpaste tubes really means, and we’re here to give you an answer. But it’s not as exciting as many might think. According to a toothpaste brand, the mark is an indicator for the manufacturing machine to know where to cut or fold each tube.

6. Modern car keys can open and close our car windows.

New and modern cars may have this feature in the key fob. All you have to do is press the unlock button for a few seconds and watch your windows roll down. In some cars, it can also open up the sunroof. To roll it back up to close, just press the lock button for, more or less, 5 seconds.
Discover more of these features by checking out your car’s user manual.

7. Blue bristles on toothbrushes tell you when to get a new one.

Here’s how to know if your toothbrush needs a replacement. Take a look at the blue-colored bristles on a toothbrush — when the color fades because of use, it means you need a new one.

8. The pompoms on beanies prevent you from getting hurt.

They’re not just there for style or to make a fashion statement. The pompoms have a rich history across cultures in terms of why they’re used. Roman clergymen used to wear birettas that had colored pompoms on top to signify the group they belonged to, while sailors used them to protect their heads from bumping in tight spaces during rough voyages.

9. Cedar wood hangers ward off bugs.

Sure, a cedar wood hanger may look cute in your closet, but it has an even better purpose than aesthetics. Cedar is known for emitting a scent that repels clothing moths from laying their eggs in wool and other fabrics.

Have you tried applying these features at home? What other household hacks can you think of? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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