19 Animals Whose Favorite Toys Are Way More That Just Entertainment

2 years ago

Every pet owner knows that toys are really important to pets. Cats and dogs can get emotionally attached to the things they chose. And it doesn’t even have to be a toy — it might be an old sock or a cap.

We at Bright Side think that this topic deserves your attention. These photos are really moving.

You can’t be polite when someone is trying to take your best friend from you.

“It’s mine! Only mine!”

He’s watching his favorite toy being fixed.

“Guess who’s 17 today and still has her favorite toy from when she was a puppy.”

Still her favorite bear all these years later.

“My son has noticed how old our dog is getting, so he tries to comfort her with his stuffed toy sloth. She loves it.”

“Found my 12-year-old pup on my bed. It’s been a couple of years since she was able to get up there, no idea how she did it. With her favorite toy too!”

“She never greets people at the door ‘empty-handed’ — everyone gets shown a toy. No takes, though. For your viewing pleasure only.”

“My grandma’s dog and her toys, she has never torn apart one and my grandma washes them for her!”

“How I found him moments after I changed the batteries in his Snuggle Buddy, a toy with a little heartbeat that he’s had since he was 3 months old.”

“Pip panics when we get home and she can’t find her toy to bring as a present. Today she found this. We aren’t even sure where it came from.”

“20-year-old Mister with his favorite ghost toy!”

“Today was the first day he’s ever picked out his toy at the pet store. He carried it to the car, into the house, and right into his crate at bedtime.”

“Our 1 1/2-year-old pup, Murphy, destroys every single toy he gets within a few hours, yet this one is different... He only cuddles it and won’t let anyone touch it.”

“Operating on my dog’s favorite toy. He looks very concerned.”

“She’s deaf and mostly blind but she loves fetching and catching toys.”

Apparently, paper bags make the best toys.

“Her mom is always buying her weird toys, but this one I am a very big fan of. I’m still laughing at her walking around with a full pizza. And... yes, it squeaks.”

“My dog’s favorite toy. Watching the faces of people who are walking past when my dog is staring out the window with this in his mouth is brilliant.”

Does your pet have a favorite toy? What is it? Tell us about it!

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Preview photo credit Hanfaz94 / Reddit


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Doesn't matter what type of animal it is they ALL
have a favourite toy. When people come to our place
there's usually a comment asking about toys for the little kids, until one of our furbabies drops a toy in their lap.
Then it's "oh are all the toys for then animals"? YEP...LOL


Love them all! ❤️ My cat had have his first birthday on 1st of September and destroyed the toy we gave him within 2 hours. (It was a stick that had a mouse with a feather tied to it. First he bit the thread off the stick, then the feather from the mouse and finally he ripped the mouse and carried the stuffing around.)


Nothing warms my heart more than seeing those big dogs cuddle with small toys, they are all still a little puppy in their mind 😊😊


I love that last one so much 😂 I usually don't like it when my dog plays with toys because he always uses the ones that make the most noise


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