19 Animals Whose Tenderness Melted Our Hearts

5 years ago

Pet owners have probably noticed that their animals can be more compassionate, understanding, and loving than people can. Our 4-legged friends know what true friendship, selfless love, and support are.

Bright Side has found some animals that show true tenderness and are just as caring as humans.

5 years of friendship

This dog shares his favorite toy with a crying baby.

These dogs can’t help cuddling each other.

When you’re not only a stern animal, but a loving parent as well.

A homeless dog kept an injured cyclist warm for a whole night.

A chimpanzee taking care of a tiny tiger

Unique best friends for over 10 years

Seals can smile too.

The best helper ever

A cat has been visiting her friend at the zoo for over 10 years.

“Just learned that Cheetahs are very nervous animals, so this support dog is helping it relax.”

Warning: You could drown in these eyes.

Good team

A great babysitter

This lioness adopted an orphaned baby antelope.

This baby is in good paws.

Nothing special, just a dog feeding a lamb.

Sophie the cat helped her owner defeat depression.

Love animals and they’ll share their care and love with you.

Do you have a pet? How do they usually support you?


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Pets are the best company someone can have. Am I right?


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