19 Brides Who Did Their Own Hair and Makeup Because No One Knows Their Face Better

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2 years ago

One of the most special moments for brides is when they look in the mirror, with their makeup and hairstyle ready, and their reflection is so fabulous that they fall a little more in love with themselves. For some, this goal is achieved by going through the hands of a professional, but others feel so capable that they dare to do the styling of their big day, and the results are admirable.

At Bright Side, we’ve compiled several images of brides who were brave enough to do their own hair and makeup for the big day.

1. “Thank you to everyone who helped me feel comfortable enough to do my wedding makeup. I’ve never felt more beautiful.”

2. “I did my own wedding makeup — loved how it turned out!”

3. “I’m doing my own makeup for my wedding! Did a test the other day and wore it out.”

4. “We planned a small wedding ceremony in a week and a half so I decided to do my own makeup. I’m very proud of how it turned out!”

5. “Decided to do my own makeup for my wedding.”

6. “I did my own makeup trial for my engagement pictures to see how it photographed!”

7. “Doing my own makeup for my wedding because I’m picky.”

8. “I did my own hair for my wedding day and I love how it came out!!”

9. “I had a couple of makeup trials and wasn’t happy with them, decided to do my own makeup. So pleased with how it turned out!”

10. “I’ve been practicing my own makeup for my wedding.”

11. “Nervous about doing my own wedding hair. I’ll make it neater on the actual day and take my time with it.”

12. “Makeup trial: my own attempt vs my makeup trial”

13. “I’m planning to do my own hair and makeup for my wedding next summer. First trial today!”

14. “I’m going to rock my natural curls on my wedding day!!!”

15. “Saved $100 by doing my own updo for a wedding this weekend!”

16. “My wedding makeup”

17. “I’m practicing doing my own makeup for my wedding. My goal is to keep it pretty natural. Left is no makeup, right is the bridal look.”

18. “Did my own hair for my wedding.”

19. “My DIY wedding makeup!”

Do you think it’s preferable to do your own bridal styling or to entrust it with a professional? How was your experience with your wedding hair and makeup?

Preview photo credit sporks_ / Reddit


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