People Shared 15+ Images to Show the True Meaning of Family Life

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2 years ago

Playing hide and seek with a toddler might be more challenging than we think, or dealing with the results of letting a kid playing with a drone. Family is all about the highs and the lows, and the moments in between. Even the squabbles with siblings, the wild games with the kids, and the weird family pics make every second spent together more amusing.

Bright Side has a new collection of family pics that people couldn’t help but share on the internet and they will make you think about your time spent with family.

1. “Playing hide and seek with a toddler is always a thrill.”

2. “How my kid views me and my wife...”

3. “Found out my kid had this on his school classroom wall all year.”

4. “My wife suggested I wear my mother’s hot pink bathrobe and ’Gary Busey’ my hair for my new driver’s license photo, so I did.”

5. “I sent the blurred photo to my brother (left one) and he sent me back the one on the right...”

6. “My sister: “You can do the half-marathon with me! Trust me, it’s not that bad...”

7. “Every time my mother-in-law paints a landscape, I photoshop in a dinosaur... much to her consternation.”

8. My dad playing around...

9. “8 year anniversary of my favorite photo of my wife and I”

10. I found my kid’s doll strapped in like this...

11. “After my family refused to help me convince my dad to wear a pickle costume, I bought one and sent it to him anyway.”

12. “We had a photo booth at our wedding. I think my brother-in-law doesn’t understand how photobooths work.”

13. “My sister-in-law wanted a wedding cape. So she could pose as a villain during the whole process.”

14. “The look on my sister-in-law’s dog is priceless!”

15. “My sister-in-law just completed dental hygiene school, her grad photos made me laugh.”

16. “I was trying to teach my sister-in-law’s son how to fly a drone we got him for Christmas, I don’t think she’s going to let him keep it...”

Which pic is most relatable to your family life? What is your most memorable family moment? Do you have a pic you would like to share with us?

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Preview photo credit bhornet2008 / reddit


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