19 Dads Who Would Go Through Fire, Water, and Woodworking for Their Daughters

3 years ago

Is there anything that dads wouldn’t do for the sake of their beloved daughters and sons? They might build a stand for a magic wand, a sign for the store at the request of their no longer small child, or build a bed that resembles the real castle of a fairytale princess. Some of them are even ready to put on a fancy costume and accompany their kid to the concert of their favorite band.

The characters of today’s Bright Side compilation are brave dads who are ready to do anything for their children. And, in the bonus, a father who decided to not bother and mastered the culinary arts at his own peril and risk is waiting for you.

“My daughter asked for a toilet for her dollhouse. It was really fun to make it.”

“My daughter asked me to put glass shoes on her dragon. Here’s the result.”

When your son asks you if he can use his slide to slide into his pool on Father’s Day, you make it happen.

“I know basically nothing about woodworking, but my son asked me to make a stand for his Harry Potter wand. I’m quite happy with how it turned out!”

“My girlfriend’s daughter asked for a wooden sword. I got a bit carried away. It’s oak with cherry and walnut fittings, and the handles are wrapped in leather.”

“My son asked me to draw Paper Mario and Bobby. I think I nailed it.”

“My 6-year-old daughter asked for a canoe last night, expecting a ‘no,’ I picked this up to make her happy this morning.”

“My 6-year-old son asked me if I could touch the clouds when I’m at work. So I showed him this.”

“My son asked for an octopus pancake. And I may have accidentally caused some kind of horror.”

“My son asked me to dress up as a chili pepper for a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert back in 2017, so I did it.”

“My daughter asked me to paint her unicorn “like in the old book.”

“My daughter asked for a ‘bug box.’ We had some old teak chairs. So I turned them into this and worked with leather for the first time to make the handle. It’s not perfect but my kid is delighted.”

When your son asks for his first guitar to be black with flames.

“My daughter asked me to help paint the stars. I got too carried away.”

“I think I should have made the lion’s ear bigger and skipped the claw marks. But my daughter asked if I could make a lion’s claw.”

“My depression and a lack of motivation kept me out of my shop for over 5 months. That changed this weekend because my daughter asked for a nightstand.”

“My daughter started to sell makeup. I took her logo and tried to airbrush it for the first time in 5 years. It took a while but turned out pretty decent.”

“I scored a lot of ‘daddy points’ with my daughter on her 3rd birthday. Her very own princess castle bed.”

“And this is my son’s rocket bed in addition to my daughter’s princess castle.”

Bonus: “My daughter asked for one of those fancy unicorn cakes from the bakery. Did I nail it?”

How do you surprise your children?

Preview photo credit mhornby22 / reddit


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