19 Heartwarming Photos That Radiate So Much Happiness, We Can’t Hold Back Our Smiles

3 years ago

True happiness isn’t a feeling, it’s a doing. When people decide to give their goal everything they’ve got, that’s when real joy happens. From moving to a new home and overcoming depressive thoughts to graduating and achieving way bigger goals — step-by-step people build their own well-being.

Bright Side is always in search of ways to put smiles on our readers’ faces. And right now we can’t wait to show you these photos, where people decided to share with their fire, motivation, and cheerfulness.

1. “I beat bulimia and lost 75 lbs in the process! I also became a personal trainer. And it’s been less than a year!”

2. The first black female tactical jet pilot in the United States Navy celebrating her graduation

3. “My son — one-year cancer-free!”

4. “I did it, I graduated!”

5. “After getting laid off twice in 6 months, I’m now at a job I love and buying my dream home. It has a bathtub!”

6. “After being unemployed, depressed, and eating only rice and beans, I now work as a bartender and a pita maker.”

7. “My son found a 1914 wheat penny and we posted a picture of it. Users sent him some of their treasures to inspire him.”

8. “My girlfriend before and after I told her she’s the prettiest girl I know.”

9. "A year ago my wife left us. I lost over 70 lbs in the last year, I got healthier, and I’m happy to watch these 2 grow up.

10. “My 35 y.o. boyfriend got his first pet yesterday. He and his friend were giddy taking pictures and he’s so sweet with her!”

11. “A month ago my pup was in a shelter. Today he is having the best day ever swimming in Lake Michigan for the first time.”

12. “Our neighbor gives treats through the fence. Recently he has been treating my daughter too. They are all waiting patiently.”

13. “Me and my son went to the ocean for the first time. It’s our first big outing since my husband died 7 months ago!”

14. “I set up a table outside for my adult son with autism to sell things. People were nice today and he gradually sold out of everything.”

15. “A boy meets his first kitty, head bonks were had by all.”

16. “I promised my daughter a chocolate cake if she pooped in the potty all by herself. I had to pay up.”

17. “Yesterday I sat next to him and told him I had reached the maximum happiness. Today he made me happier.”

18. “The look my dog gives my grandpa”

19. “After struggling with balding for years, I finally decided to shave it off. I feel like I can go outside without a hat on again!”

Which events in your life have filled you with happiness? Let’s share our stories in the comment section!


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I'm really happy for number 6, it can be super difficult to pick yourself up again after a hard period like that


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