19 Magically Gloomy Illustrations That Helped Their Creator Fight His Depression

4 years ago

Polish artist and graphic designer, Dawid Planeta, has the unique ability to create meaningful and deep pics in gloomy colors. The beauty of his work can take anyone’s breath away and will keep you staring at his art for a while, especially if you know the purpose they were created for. His artwork of the “Mini People” series was created by the artist when he was in a deep depression, to express the feelings he was going through. He managed to turn this dark feeling into works of art and we applaud him for that. Dawid posts his work on his Instagram and Facebook accounts where he has almost 100k followers in total.

We at Bright Side were enchanted by how beautiful gloomy pictures can be and here are 19 pics that prove it.

Deep Forest

Face of Fear

Right Road

Beauty of the Earth

Show Me The Way

Know Yourself

Nature of a Day



Sands of Time

The Unknown

Nature’s Peace

Someplace Else

No Choice

The Spirit

My Own Enemy

River of Life

The Greatest Learning

What Really Matters

Have you ever faced depression? What helped you to get out of it?


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they are rather depressive but mesmerizing at the same time


I really like the way that they are all dark and there is always a flash of light in there, adds some mystery and magic to the pictures


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