19 Men That Couldn’t Care Less About Stereotypes and Devote Their Free Time to Knitting

2 years ago

We’re used to thinking that men love spending their free time in front of a TV watching football or doing something in the garage. But these are outdated stereotypes, and even if they’re true, they’re not true for everyone.

We at Bright Side are ready to bust the myth that only old ladies can knit. Men are actually quite good at it too.

“Cardigan I finished! First ever wearable I made!”

“Playing in the rain with my jellyfish and pokemon!”

“I finished an actual sweater!”

“Took almost 3 months, but finished this bad boy last weekend! Ok, it still needs buttons, but it’s close.”

“My first sloth scarf!”

“Just got into crochet. Was so excited that I finished my first hat in 2 days!”

“For spring, I made a sakura scarf! I love seeing the cherry blossoms blooming.”

“Finished my first cable cardigan!”

“Enjoying the desert sun with my dolls.”

“Finally finished a sweater for myself. Had to redo the sleeves 3-4 times, but I’m happy with the results!”

“The chocolate bars that I made!”

“Just finished my first ever wearable, and I’m so excited!”

“My new sweater turned out quite extravagant, but at least it’s not boring!”

“Stop crocheting. Pay attention to your girl.”

“My little elephant that I made for a friend!”

“Me, in my own hat”

“Finished these two last week and I really loved them, a Pocoyo and a ’baby’ Sullivan.”

“Made this ski mask, very proud of it.”

“A barn owl I made”

Do you do something with your hands? Show us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit ncteeter / Reddit


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