19 People Shared the Stories Behind the Tattoos That Make Them Proud

3 years ago

When it comes to tattoos, the design possibilities are endless. Some people choose their favorite band’s initials; others go for their favorite childhood cartoon character. And some just want a cute animal on their skin. But many people also want ink with a deeper meaning and a story. This is why they get matching tattoos with their partners or get a family picture imprinted on themselves, or even honor a loved one with a unique design.

We at Bright Side love tattoos, especially if they have an emotional backstory. That’s why we selected these images in which ink had a more profound meaning and was close to the person’s heart.

1. “My wife and I got a couples’ tattoo last night.”

2. “’Cause we’re invincible. But if we go our separate ways, no one will know we have matching tattoos.”

3. “Mom and I got matching tattoos since we both love Pooh and Piglet so much.”

4. “My sister and I got matching tattoos.”

5. “My Grampa and I got matching tattoos for my late Grammy.”

6. “Dad and I got matching tattoos.”

7. “Thought you guys might like the story behind my tattoo.”

“This is my story: When I was around 16, my grandfather was in a tractor accident on a farm. He was hospitalized for 3 days, but he didn’t make it. During those days, he was given 9 gallons of blood. This is why one of my life goals is to donate that same amount back. I’ve already given back one and will keep filling in the hearts on my tattoo as I keep donating. I’ve been postponing them for a bit, so this will be a constant motivator to get back on my regular schedule. This is my way to honor one of the best, most loving men I’ve ever known.”

“A couple of years ago, I posted the story of my tattoo. A couple of weeks ago, I finished donating my second gallon of blood. Today, I got my tracker updated.”

8. “My memorial tattoo for my mom, who died after her 5+ year battle with lung cancer”

9. “Beautiful enchanted flowers tattoo, all emblematic of my family members”

10. “This dad got his kid’s art tattooed on his arm.”

11. “After many years, I adopted my stepdaughter as my own. She surprised me with this tattoo. I’m so honored and happy!”

12. “My most cherished tattoo. After the my dad’s death, I had my favorite line of a poem he wrote in his handwriting inked on me.”

“Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present”

13. “Our relationship revolves around games, and we have a lot of good memories together, so we designed this idea.”

14. “In memory of my father”

15. “Tattoo commemorating my mom using my favorite picture of us. She passed 2 weeks ago unexpectedly at only 46.”

16. “A tribute to my dad’s first book”

17. “I got my great grandma’s house tattooed on me a couple of days ago, this house raised three generations.”

18. “The only thing written in my Grandpa’s hand. He passed away two months ago and I wanted to make sure I got it before my graduation this weekend and my wedding next weekend. Got it at Northeast Louisiana. It’s my 6th one and my all-time favorite. I’m ready for another one!”

19. “My sweet dog Scarlet”

Got any tattoos? We would love to hear the story behind them. Are you one of those people who never wants to get a tattoo? Tell us why in the comments.

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Got mine a week ago
Small butterfly and orchid
My mom passed away 7 months ago shes tbe butterfly and im the orchid

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i have a tattoo if my parents thumb prints in my arm. the orint is just enlarged. the half one us mums as she has a major cut in ger thumb and ni longer has a print visible

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