19 People Who Switched Off Their Logic During Repair, and It Was Epic

2 months ago

Making a repair on your own always involves spending a lot of energy and calculating last-minute adjustments. Installed the front door upside down? Don’t worry, it happens. Fixed the bathtub with polyurethane foam? That sounds like a new lifehack. Built-in a Wi-Fi router? Perhaps, that’s for the better.

Bright Side found 19 repair masterpieces, and the folks responsible for these seem to have had the “That’ll do!” motto.

1. The trend for panoramic windows has officially gone too far. That’s the front entrance.

2. Innovations have reached Wi-Fi routers too, now they are built-in.

3. An upside-down front door

4. Polyurethane foam is magic.

5. Super-awkward semi-transparent bathroom stall doors

6. At least there’s a shower.

7. Extremely functional window

8. The size of the faucet matters.

9. Made with taste, but the taste of what?

10. The windows on this building don’t line up.

11. We finally understand why the heating hasn’t been working properly.

12. When you’re play Sims but forget to rotate:

13. Stairs of death

14. “The mirror in my hotel room lets anyone look into the room, even with the curtains closed.”

15. Тhis bathroom door:

16. Putting the bathroom light switch right beside the fire alarm control switch in an old folk’s home is obviously not the best idea.

17. “I cringe every time I set foot in this shower.”

18. The work of a plumber with an unconventional style

19. Carpeted bathroom... Now you’ve seen everything.

Have you ever repaired something by yourself? What challenges did you have to accept? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin / Pikabu


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