19 People Who Transitioned and Let Their True Selves Shine

2 years ago

Sometimes the journey of finding our true selves is hard. For some people, a simple change is all that’s necessary — but for others, it takes much more. But the good news is that modern medicine has come a very long way, and it can turn a lot of our dreams into reality.

The Bright Side team hopes this list of 19 transgender people inspires all our readers to always be who they are and to fight for their goals.

1. “Should I lose the bangs?”

2. “Felt like looking back on the journey so far.”

3. “I’m going in the right direction!”

4. “Today is the second anniversary of me starting my transition.”

5. “Pre-HRT vs 2.5 years on HRT”

6. “2008 vs 2021...so much has changed!”

7. “A pic of me from 7 years ago for comparison!”

8. “The last 2 months have been especially good to me.”

9. “In the left pic I’m a few months on testosterone and on the right is me now, a couple of years in.”

10. “18 on the left and 25 on the right!”

11. “3 years ago in the summer vs now”

12. “A lot can happen in 5 years.”

13. “I have never been happier than when presenting as my true self.”

14. “One year on testosterone — time flies.”

15. “I’m 4 years on testosterone as of yesterday!”

16. “Never thought I’d live past 18 but I’m happily married and am the man I always dreamt of being.”

17. “2015 to 2021, 28 months on HRT”

18. “I’m much happier and healthier.”

19. “Look who was hiding under all that hair!”

Which one of these transformations amazed you the most?

Preview photo credit martinapearl / Reddit


great job guys, I'm so happy to see how people managed to become what they want to be :)
you can see that their faces are way happier than they used to be 💪😁

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