19 People Who Were Looking for a Makeover but Got a Disappointment

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Most of us love trying out new looks. So we sometimes choose to get a new haircut, dye our hair, or have our makeup and nails done. We all wish to come out of the salon looking like a brand new version of ourselves, but we sometimes end up not getting what we had in mind. And, to make matters worse, we have to pay for such a disaster.

1. “Went for a pink marble moment and ended up with nails that look like raw meat.”

2. “Went to the salon to get an under-dye. Spent almost 100 USD and around 9 hours at the salon for this.”

3. “Feeling super insecure ever since I cut my hair. Everyone tells me I used to look better.”

4. “Imagine you’re about to get married in a few months and this was your wedding trial makeup.”

5. “Finally decided to take the plunge and get bangs! Now I know which stylist never to go to again.”

6. “Decided to take a risk and have my eyebrows microbladed. It was a mistake.”

7. “Got a haircut today. What I wanted vs what I got.”

8. “The first picture is what I asked for, the last picture is what I got.”

9. “How do I fix this horrible haircut?”

10. “Was getting my nails done and asked the stylist to fix a few things.”

“But he decided to take off the polish, buff my nails down so that they’re paper thin, and then refused to redo my nails because ’I’m not listening to him.’”

11. “Bad microblading and removal process”

12. “What I asked for vs what I got. It cost $200.”

13. “Got a bad haircut today. Guess I’m going to be wearing my bangs up in a barrette for the next few months.”

14. “Got really bad nails”

15. “Got my nails done for my wedding. Had to immediately go somewhere else!”

16. “This is what a professional makeup artist did on me for a wedding last weekend. Yes, I went and washed it all off.”

17. “My boyfriend called me to see how he did with his haircut.”

“This is the result, and he needs to go back to work tomorrow. Not even a hat helps.”

18. “My hair didn’t take to the silver dye. Now it’s kind of silver in places and ginger in others.”

19. “The cut I normally get vs my cut today”

Have you ever experimented with your appearance and it ended up being different than you expected? What did it look like?

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