19 People Whose Caring Hands Could Make Even a Stick Blossom

3 years ago

The heroes of our article know that plants sometimes need as much care as pets. And it seems that they can turn any withered and lifeless plant into a luxurious blooming bush.

At Bright Side, we are sure that you can revive even hopelessly withered plants, with the proper care.

“I picked this guy up from Walmart a few weeks ago. From dull and dry, to shiny and hydrated!”

“I rescued it from the trash 2.5 years ago. Now it’s nearly outgrowing my apartment.”

“I adopted this sad jade plant from a coworker. Look at it now, less than 6 months later!”

“I rescued it from my dad’s house.”

“A friend gave up on this yucca plant and gifted it to me. It got so big and spikey I had to move it out of the living room!”

“I rescued this little guy, and he’s thriving now!”

“I found this guy underneath the discount table at Walmart. The cashier asked me why I was buying a dead plant. This is how it looked 15 hours later.”

“I brought this guy back from the brink!”

“Before I realized it was a jade, I thought it was dead. Today, it’s my favorite plant by far.”

“I rescued this succulent after a neighbor threw it away. The time gap between the photos is less than 6 months.”

“3 months of progress on a sad sedum I received in the mail.”

“One year of progress”

“I rescued this Chinese evergreen that my friend gave me. Before and 2 years later.”

“One year on from rescuing this fiddle leaf fig from the side of the road”

“I stuck it outside on my balcony, it’s in a protected spot away from the wind and in bright shade. It’s in a reasonably sized terracotta pot, I drench it with the hose once a week. That’s it. I never fussed over it because I never really liked them that much, so I didn’t care if it lived or died. Harsh, I know, but it seems to be working.” © jennabenna11 / Reddit

“These flowers were 70% off at the store. How could I not save this thing from complete death! 12 hours of progress”

“About one year difference — I found her on a pile of concrete, rocks, and rubbish.”

“I found this plant next to the dumpster at my apartment complex. I repotted the healthy parts, but even then some of it continued to turn brown.”

“At one point Trash Boy was down to a single leaf, but then it exploded with new healthy growth!” © AnneeDroid / Reddit

“Resurrection! I just cut off all the dead leaves and stems and a few weeks later, it’s looking fantastic!”

“5 months progress with some very sad aloe. It made it through my mom’s neglect, and now I spoil it.”

Do you like to take care of plants? Do you have a favorite one? Show us a photo in the comments below.

Preview photo credit sillybard / Reddit


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sadly I'm from that category of people who can only make a poor plant die 😅


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