19 Photos Showing That Kids Always Find New Ways of Doing Things

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2 years ago

With their unlimited energy levels and distinct imaginations, there’s no such thing as a dull day spent with kids. Out of the blue, they might have a funny reaction or come up with a solution that would throw us, adults, completely off guard. We might not ever understand what’s going on in the minds of children, but one thing’s for sure: even behind their biggest mischievous ways hides a great opportunity for a good, hearty laugh.

Bright Side wants to share 19 funny moments where kids left us totally confused. These will be like a quick journey back in time to the innocent and colorful world of childhood.

1. ’’My dad told my son to get ready for a bedtime story adventure, so he grabbed his warm hat and a flashlight.’’

2. “We got a $150 pool but he prefers a paint bucket.”

3. ’’My friend’s daughter had ’crazy hair day’ at school today.’’

4. ’’She wanted to take a bath.’’

5. A new way of sleeping

6. ’’I told my 5-year-old son that if he could blow it up, he could jump on it.’’

7. ’’I told our kid to go put the pizza costume back where it belongs.’’

8. ’’I told my 2-year-old to put her shoes by the front door.’’

9. ’’The kids woke up early to help paint the basement.’’

10. ’’My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington. Thank goodness he didn’t want a portrait of Ben Franklin.’’

11. ’’He wanted to boil an egg by putting it in the microwave.’’

12. ’’My brother couldn’t find any toilet paper, so he took this kitchen roll and cut it in half.’’

13. ’’How my son eats his pizza’’

14. “This is our daughter’s way of letting us know she woke up from her nap.”

15. “Playing board games by mixing them all together”

16. ’’I had a sneezing attack and my daughter made me a ’potion’ to feel better.’’

17. ’’This is my 3-year-old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush.’’

18. ’’The way my daughter ’locked up’ her brand new bike’’

19. “When the photographer says, ’Touch your cheeks together.’”

Which one of these could you relate to the most? Do you think it’s a pity that we lose a part of our quirky mind and innocent imagination as we grow older?

Preview photo credit kirktucci/Reddit


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