19 Photos That Prove Service Can Be Incredibly Heartfelt

3 years ago

Unfortunately, we have to deal with bad service much more often than with good one. There’s nothing extraordinary about bad food, disrespect, and a bad attitude from employees, or fake ads. This is why it seems unusual when the staff is really polite and when a company is attentive to their clients.

We at Bright Side hope that there will be more and more examples of really good service in the future. We’ve collected some of them here in our compilation.

“Broke my travel mug lid. I couldn’t find an identical lid and wrote to the manufacturer hoping for nothing. I thought maybe they’d send me a new lid but they sent this... ”

“This nail polish comes with a swatch built into the cap.”

  • That’s honestly pretty genius. Colors of any kind of paint can vary pretty significantly from what they look like in the bottle. © samanime / Reddit

“This Korean snack has 2 notches on the bag, so you can open at the second notch for easier access in the later stages of snacking.”

“Coconut water sold in the coconut itself with an eco-friendly ring-pull”

“This beef jerky that comes with a dental floss pick”

“These candlesticks come with strips of beeswax to mold around their bases if they sit too loose in your candleholders.”

“Taxi driver the entire way: “Don’t worry, kitty, we’re almost there, just 20 minutes left, don’t cry.”

“My takeout xiao long bao (soup dumplings) came in shots.”

“Local pizza place made a tiny pizza for my cat too.”

“My new chef’s knife came with a Band-Aid.”

“My local department store colorizes its shopping baskets based on whether you feel you need assistance.”

“I got an extra cookie.”

“This sorbet company uses fruit rinds for cups.”

“My teacup is hollow so it doesn’t get too hot to hold.”

“The middle snap on my baby’s onesie is a different color to help align the buttons.”

“This pizza place uses garlic knots instead of those little plastic tables.”

“In Japan, spaghetti portions in each bag are wrapped separately and marked with the number of minutes they need to be boiled for.”

“There is a free ‘period pack’ at my school for girls who are unprepared for their periods.”

“The way this tea cafe cans beverages to go”

Do manufacturers mostly disappoint you or impress you in a good way? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit elena99992 / Рikabu


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Most Manufacturers disappoint. occasionally the personnel might surprise you but it doesn't happen very often.


once I ordered a mixer online, but then I realized that my mother already had one that she would give me. So, I cancelled the order. But since the order was already shipped to me, they refunded me money and said that this mixer will be a present for me from the company


wish my school has that period pack thing on each floor when us girls start and not exspecting it because we have to go to the nurses office to get the things that we need no matter were we r in the school unless we would find someone that has the things we would need( either pads or tampons)


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