19 Pictures That Made Us Say “Oh, Dang!” This July

3 years ago

The word “miracle” is generally used to describe something surprising and unexpected, an event which is hard to explain. Even though we often attribute miracles to fairy tales and fantasies, there are things in our everyday lives that make us open our eyes wide and say, “That’s a miracle!”

Here at Bright Side, we were amazed by these stunning shots shared by Internet users from all over the world and we’re happy to show them to you!

1. A breathtaking view

2. A butterfly is just about to be born.

3. And here are hundreds of them in a butterfly farm.

4. Cosmic flower

5. Nature is the best sculptor.

6. A crazy-shaped strawberry

7. Isn’t it a miracle?

8. A pepper inside a pepper

9. A garden of amazing flower sculptures

10. A “levitating” piece of bark

11. Nature’s perfection in colorful crystals

12. A natural tattoo

13. This cliff looks unearthly.

14. Swimming in a perfect triangle

15. A dried 4-leaf clover — your luck will always wait for you!

16. This gigantic sequoia

17. Perfection itself

18. Dozens of nests on a single tree

19. Is it a stone or a bird’s egg?

Which of these shots did you find most impressive? Have you seen anything as extraordinary recently? Tell us in the comments!


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