19 Places Where Only People With Nerves of Steel Can Live

3 years ago

We all want our homes to be cozy places. But few people are lucky enough to have these places, and others have to deal with all sorts of trouble: lion families coming to visit or neighbors drilling through their walls. To deal with something like that, you need nerves of steel. And the people from today’s article are just that strong! They just complain online which makes them feel better afterward!

Bright Side shares the photos from internet users that’ve managed to stay calm no matter what. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus for our readers: you’ll see the place of a person who is incredibly chill!

1. “When we got to dad’s house, we found that someone was already living in it.”



2. When you live in a duplex and hate your neighbor:

3. “We had a little wind yesterday. Time to dig out.”

4. “My neighbor, installing shelves”

5. “Every morning at 11 or so, the window man shows up and scares me. (It’s actually my neighbor’s chimney.)”

6. “Hope you didn’t like your patio furniture.”

7. “A dead/rotten tree that wasn’t on my property snapped in half and fell on my house today. How was your day?”

8. “Neighbor is a golfer.”

9. “My neighbors had a party last night. That’s my trampoline.”

10. “The result of sub-zero temps at the local car wash”

11. “Well, there goes the view...”

12. “I am getting charged an extra $22 a month on my utility bill because the city has put a random sewer grate in the middle of my lawn.”

13. “My neighbor is channeling water from their yard and roof under my fence, causing my yard to flood.”

14. “Well, there’s a water snake living in my toilet somehow.”

15. “My uncle’s car this morning”

16. “This is my car. I live in northern Norway.”

17. “We weren’t at home and when we came back, we saw a surprise: 4 holes in the living room through which you can see the neighbors’ place.”

18. “This is how cold it is in my place. As a Texan, I wasn’t ready for this.”

19. “Very generous neighbors! We never asked them, but they shared the snow!”

Bonus: “I don’t think I need to explain this one.”

What irritates you most about the place that you live?

Preview photo credit Kirya13 / Pikabu


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And I don’t get how you can people show your toilet looking like that with the snake. Disgusting.


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