19 Sleeping Pets Who’ll Make You Give Up Everything and Have a Sweet Nap

4 years ago

For many of us, pets are like babies, and just like babies they look cute when they sleep. They hug their favorite toys, they keep their mouths open and drool, and they can fall asleep anywhere and in any position. We tiptoe as we come closer to take a pic of these sleeping angels, and try our best not to wake them up.

Here at Bright Side we want to show you these 19 sleepy pets to help you relax, so don’t get too surprised if you suddenly feel an urge to curl up with your cozy blanket!

1. Hamster pancakes

2. "I moved his bed so I could vacuum and came back to this."

3. "This is how these 2 sleep."

4. "My sister’s cats sleep like this every night."

5. Some cats know how to chill out right.

6. "This is how my dog is sleeping right now..."

7. "Almost 18 years old and she's still sleeping with the toy frog she's had for 14 years."

8. "Sometimes if I come home very quietly, she's still asleep like this."

9. "Sisters Luna and Ginger taking a nap together"

10. "This is Pyro, he loves to sit like this in people's arms and fall asleep."

11. When you get tired of waiting for your human to finish their work:

12. "My wife took a nap in his favorite spot. Snuggle mode engaged."

13. When your dog falls asleep in the most unlikely positions:

14. "My friend's cat sleeps like this and it's too precious for words."

15. "Meet Vader! He was super-excited to meet you too, but needed a nap."

16. Poor pup must be too tired after sorting the laundry...

17. "This is how my cat sleeps every night..."

18. "My love bug really enjoys naps in my lap, despite being 90+ lbs. Wouldn’t trade it for anything."

19. "9-week-old chocolate lab who loves sleeping on his back"

Do you have a picture of your pet taking a nap? Share your sweet photos in the comments and let's see whose pets are the heaviest sleepers!

Preview photo credit GeneeTHICCC / reddit


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Aww... That cat in number four is me after a full practice of yoga for two hours hahaha


the moment when your cat tries to hug you is the most previous ?


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