“2 Different People”: Woman, 24, Gets Extreme “Pregnancy Nose” and People Don’t Recognize Her Face

8 months ago

Pregnancy causes noses to grow, and for some women, this is the thing that they totally weren’t prepared for. There’s even a new TikTok trend where women are sharing their before and after pictures with the hashtag “pregnancy nose.” Some of them look like totally different people in their before snaps compared to their after-pregnancy photos.

Our featured heroine faced this challenge too. And to some extent, it wasn’t just her nose changed, but her whole face started looking like someone else’s.

Pregnancy changes overwhelmed this young woman.

This young woman has become viral on TikTok after sharing a video of her “pregnancy nose,” which made her face completely unrecognizable.

At the end of her first trimester, Tyreece Wood noticed that the size of her nose had changed, but at first, the mom-to-be didn’t think much about it. As time went by, the 24-year-old noticed that even the texture of her skin, together with her eyebrows and hair began changing too.

By the end of her pregnancy, Tyreece felt “disgusting” and didn’t “recognize” herself when looking in the mirror. She bravely shared her story on TikTok, where it now has amassed more than 15.9 million views and 1.8 million likes.

Tyreece wasn’t prepared for the change, and seeing another person in the mirror was too much for her.

Tyreece admits that coping with body changes during her pregnancy was already hard, but looking in the mirror and not recognizing herself was just disheartening.

She says, “That’s why there aren’t many pictures of me pregnant. I had never seen anyone talk about most of the symptoms I had throughout my pregnancy. I thought all the changes would be in my weight and hormones for sure.

But, apart from her skin and hair texture changes, one of her eyebrows became more prominent, she gained 100 lbs, and she noticed that her skin had gotten darker.

No one else really noticed the change, except for the mom-to-be.

Tyreece says, “I did ask my husband and family members if they noticed a difference, and they always said either no, or maybe a little. My husband only pointed it out after our son was born, and we were looking back at the hospital pictures.”

However, many users who watched the video, were commenting that the photos looked like 2 different women. Some were in such disbelief, that they were saying the photos must be fake or edited.

“Some women are telling their stories, and some are thanking me for putting something so real out there,” says Tyreece. Her nose went back to its normal size and shape one month after her baby boy arrived.


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