20 Animals Who Are Devilishly Smart and Quick-Witted

3 years ago

Our pets are extremely clever. They know what they have to do to get the most delicious treats, and they’re experts at attracting attention to themselves. And some 4-legged geniuses manage to get what they want by coming up with truly brilliant plans. And a dog’s idea to trap the cat in the bathroom so it wouldn’t disturb him is a good example of their logic.

We at Bright Side have always known that if our pets could talk, we’d likely discuss various complex topics with them. And here are 22 examples that prove this to be true.

“A stray cat mom took her baby to the ER. Doctors and paramedics helped the baby and took them to the vet.”

“She’s learned that pushing the button makes the box warm. I think she spends most of the day like this while I’m out.”

This pitbull pulled out its teddy to show it to the dog in the other car.

“This is Chuck Norris, and he hasn’t learned to meow. But he knows how to swat at this houseplant to get attention.”

“He’s so proud of his artwork.”

“A new command, ’show me your tongue’ — my dog learned it on its own without us knowing and performs it as a response to any object in a hand that looks like food.”

“My cat and I have been together for 14 years. I’m pregnant, and she’s not only tried to ’incubate’ my stomach, but has now built a hidden nest for me to give birth in.”

“This is Billie and she’s putting the keys away on the table as was requested.”

“Pauly knows how to say ’hello’ and ’mama,’ can whistle, bark like a dog, and meow like a cat.”

“My dog gets treats when I go to my desk. I’ve accidentally trained her to be my supervisor. This is her waiting in my office for me to stop eating lunch and get back to work.”

“I told him to get off the cupboard and he made this face.”

“He steals the TV remote so we give him more attention.”

An example of when you don’t need to explain something twice

“They purposefully spill their water because they want me to turn the faucet on in the bathroom.”

“This neighborhood dog comes to greet us every day when we get home to get some snacks. He knows that he’s very cute, so this trick always works.”

“I told my dog to lay on the chaise. He’s a retired service dog, so he knows he has to follow orders. But he also knows that he can do things his own way.”

“He’s my best friend and the best nanny for my daughters. He’ll walk with them, remind them to eat, and make sure that everything is in order. He’s so clever that he even knows for sure when it’s better to act like a fool.”

“My cat’s kittens have grown up a bit, and I started to litter train
them. When they wake up, I bring them there, and I repeat this
all day long. So they’ve used their litter box a couple of times...”

“And at night, I’ll wake up because the kittens go into my bedroom, squeaking. They’ve learned in a day that if you need to use the toilet, ask ’this woman’ and she’ll carry you there.”

“I was laying in bed when I heard that the shower door was shut. This is what I found when I got up to investigate.”

Big muscles always lose in a battle against a real evil genius.

What devilishly smart things does your pet do?


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