20 Animals Who Can Aid You on Your Way to a Good Mood

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Animals can make your home cozy and your life more joyful. They can easily boost your mood just by behaving childishly. Even if your dog steals the fresh bread you’ve been baking the entire day, it’s not possible to stay mad.

1. “Trying to take a picture of cat”

2. “I spent an entire day baking challah bread only to have it stolen.”

3. When the cat loves and hates you at the same time:

4. “My coworker’s cat, Hank, is in the middle of an existential crisis.”

5. “A friend’s cat is having a bonding moment.”

6. “My dog realized she can stand in the pool.”

7. “This guy is chilling with his dog in London.”

8. “This is how my dog greeted me at the door today.”

9. “So my friend’s hamster thinks he’s the Don.”

10. “I was leaving for work when he turned to look at me like this.”

11. “I came to work and found my pet mouse was hiding in my rucksack.”

12. “My mom’s cat must wonder how we keep finding her.”

13. “My pup had to pee when I was asleep. He didn’t get any on the carpet. All in the dust pan. I’m amazed!”

14. “My mom left her chips on the couch. Heard my dog crying, so I came downstairs to find this.”

15. “The new puppy being choked by my brother’s dog”

16. “We’re trying to teach our kitty to stay off the coffee table. This is his response.”

17. “My dog pretends he’s blind.”

18. “My favorite pic of my pug. There is no hole in the grass.”

19. “He collected all balls he found in the house and then lay like this for 10 minutes.”

20. “I lost my dog for a moment — not sure how long she’s been stuck there.”

How does your pet help you if you’re in a bad mood? Would you like to have one or several pets?

Preview photo credit GriddyD / Reddit


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