20 Awesome Baby Gadgets Every Parent Will Fall in Love With

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5 years ago

Whether pregnant or with a baby, parenting can be a rough but a lovely journey. Mainly because there are minor things that can make taking care of a baby a lot harder than it needs to be. So we are very thankful for the amazing gadgets that most probably parents have come up with to make their lives a lot easier in a genius way!

Here at Bright Side, we found some extraordinary baby gadgets that will make every parent excited to use them.

1. A blooming bath lotus to give a baby the most relaxing bath

2. Sippy cup leashes for sippy cup throwing toddlers. These leashes will save your bottles and time from cleaning up after the mess.

3. A baby food dispensing spoon so that you can feed your baby without having to carry a bowl

4. Baby belly headphones so that your child can listen and relax with you

5. A medicine dispensing sippy cup that will keep both medicine and water separate until you decide to release it in the water

6. A baby bottle holder for feeding a baby handsfree when you get busy

7. A pacifier thermometer that can alert you when your baby has a fever

8. A shoulder carrier for children who are growing up and enjoy a good view

9. A tear-free waterfall in order to prevent any soap or shampoo from getting into their eyes

10. An automatic pacifier that closes on its own when you remove it more your little one’s mouth to avoid germs getting into it

11. A teething mitten designed to relieve your baby’s sore gums

12. Fresh fruits and vegetables pacifier/feeder so that your little one can enjoy healthy foods from a young age

13. A baby duck floating bathroom thermometer that helps you control the temperature of the water while keeping the baby occupied

14. A brush that can clean baby bottles more efficiently than sponges

15. A baby carrier with an adjustable seat for the baby and comfortable for the parents

16. A device that imitates the sound of the womb so that the baby can relax and sleep comfortably without crying

17. A changing pad that keeps the baby clean while you change diapers

18. A bathtub divider to help you save water while giving your baby a bath

19. A cloth that can wrap around any chair and turn it into a safe baby seat

20. An airplane baby seat for mothers traveling with their newborns

What do you think of these gadgets? Would you buy them as a parent? Please let us know your opinion in the comments below!


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