20+ Baking Masterpieces That Can Keep You Drooling for the Rest of the Day

3 years ago

The fall season is known for its pleasant weather, vibrant colors, and, of course, pies. Whether they’re pumpkin, apple, or berry pies, we’re ready to eat every last bite. And as it turns out, just like paintings or sculptures, pies can be works of art too, not to mention the fact that they’re edible.

We at Bright Side simply admire those who can make real art, especially when it’s tasty. That’s why we’re eager to show you the works of 3 confectioners that continue to leave our jaws on the floor.

Meet Helen Nugent, a self-taught baker, messy kitchen maker, and unapologetic last-piece-of-the-pie taker.

“If ever there was an opportunity to share my profound insight into the universal puzzle of love and relationships, this is the moment.”

“Shake those tail feathers ’cause it’s time to ramp up the fall pie-making, people! This seasonal orange-scented cranberry pie with chocolate and butter pastry is a great way to kick things off.”

“I try not to play favorites when it comes to my pie designs (it just makes the other pies feel bad) but this braided pumpkin design holds a special place in my heart.”

“This jigsaw pattern pie features a trifecta of pastry flavors...blueberry, chocolate and butter over a mixed fruit filling.”

“These chocolate decorative eggs cut into double layer pie crust are helping me get into the Easter spirit today.”

“Here is the girl with flowers in her hair, post bake. Yes, she survived her high-temperature adventure (even if she is a bit worse for wear).”

The next master is a Seattle-based baker named Lauren Ko who has even published her own book, PIEOMETRY.


“Burst case scenario”

“As good as blue!”


Just an amazing pie

“Fresh off the vote”

“Lattice rejoice!”

“Make or bake”

“Tarty hearty”

“Raindough brite”

“Sooner or tater — these are all potatoes!”

A Canadian pie-oneer, Jessica Clark-Bojin

Thanksgiving pie

Halloween pie

Game of Thrones pie

Monster pie

The Nightmare Before Christmas fan art

Jasmine pie

Over the Garden Wall Pie

How good are you at baking pies? Please show us your masterpieces in the comments!


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