20 Beauty Transformations That Prove Every Woman Can Be a Queen

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3 years ago

Konstantin Bogomolov is one of the most significant figures in Latvia. He’s a talented image designer who has been helping women find their style for more than 30 years. Not so long ago, he opened his own school, Bogomolov’ Image School, where he passes his knowledge and accumulated experience onto his students.

We at Bright Side took a closer look at 20 examples of Konstantin Bogomolov’s work through his students.

1. Christina, 37 years old, psychologist

2. Rita, 47 years old, teacher

3. Irina, 51 years old, artist

4. Natalia, 31 years old, manager

5. Ilona, 39 years old, economist

6. Liga, 38 years old, transport coordinator

7. Asta, 57 years old, freelancer

8. Inga, 41 years old, logistician

9. Marina, 37 years old, manager

10. Elina, 31 years old, interior designer

11. Olga, 52 years old, yoga instructor

12. Neringa, 42 years old, manager

13. Marina, 42 years old, teacher

14. Ekaterina, 42 years old, lawyer

15. Inga, 42 years old, teacher

16. Gunita, 42 years old, housewife

17. Ekaterina, 37 years old, designer

18. Maria, 34 years old, financier

19.Tatiana, 57 years old, entrepreneur

20. Luybov, 47 years old, teacher

What beauty transformations of Konstantin Bogomolov’s students seemed the most successful to you?


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these photos make me want to go and get myself a nice stylist so he/she can make me look same cool ?


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