20+ Blissful Photos That Will Turn Morning Frowns Into Smiles

3 years ago

Problems at home and at work, and the necessity to wake up early to provide for our families can give us all the blues. But remember that it’s always darkest just before the dawn. A double rainbow, a random act of kindness, or a smile from a complete stranger can enlighten even the worst day.

Bright Side wants to share this list of heart-warming stories in hopes that it will cheer you up.

1. “Our dog has hardly left my wife’s side since the baby arrived. He’s a proud older brother.”

2. “One month of being adopted, already my best bud!”

3. “My apartment is too small for a tree and my mom made me this wreath with all the ornaments from when I was a kid.”

4. Diapers in Sweden have a father on the packaging.

5. That’s what real men think.

6. “For Christmas, my mom made quilts for all of her grandkids. I don’t have children, so she made a quilt for my dog.”

7. It’s hard to not smile when you see this on your morning walk.

8. “My Nana knitted a blanket for a baby elephant named Khanyisa in South Africa.”

9. A double rainbow perfectly positioned over a hill

10. His excitement is unmatched.

11. This homeless man seen casually playing Xbox at Target

12. “My wife and daughter got matching dresses to celebrate their heritage.”

13. This elephant kiddo thinks this person is drowning and immediately comes to their rescue.

14. “This moose is taking an afternoon nap in my dad’s garden.”

15. Lolita’s first night at home!

16. “We found our missing cat a year later while on a bike ride. He heard my voice and came running, crying. He’s back home!”

17. “Spotted a rare rainbow cloud from my balcony.”

18. “This is how I find my husband after not seeing him for 2 weeks. Greeting the wife and children? Nope. He missed his baby!”

19. “May 2019, I was at 97 kg. Today, I am at 87 kg and I no longer avoid mirrors!!!”

20. The best boy turned 20.

21. “Losing it after seeing my wife for the first time at our wedding.”

22. “Today my grandma turns 100!!!”

What can lift your spirits, even when everything else seems hopeless?

Preview photo credit TheBaconmaker / reddit


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