20 Cake Wrecks That May Haunt You in Your Sleep

3 years ago

Making cakes requires both technique and talent, almost as if you were creating a work of art. Many of those who have ventured into this craft know that it’s not just about making things beautiful on the outside. It can take many years to become a baking expert. Some Reddit users have bought and/or made their own cakes, which often don’t meet their expectations. But instead of being disappointed, they take it with a grain of salt and share pictures of these failed cakes online.

Bright Side found 20 cakes that didn’t turn out the way some birthday boys and girls expected, but they still made them laugh.

1. “My best friend and I attempted to make a hedgehog cake.”

2. We have no idea what planet this unicorn (?) came from.

3. Not a good idea to take him out of the water, it seems...

4. “There’s no excuse for this abomination.”

5. “What I got and what I paid for...”

6. “We asked the baker for a cat cake...”

7. “I made the creepiest cake for my significant other. It was supposed to be a panda. Looks like Jigsaw to me.”

8. “I baked a cake of my sister’s evil cat as a Christmas present to her.”

9. “A mermaid unicorn cake...maybe”

10. “My son asked for a red and blue frog cake. Nailed it!”

11. “A cake I decorated for my friend’s birthday — nailed it!”

12. “A throwback to when we tried to make Aunt Petunia’s cake (we don’t like cherries)!” Yep, the cherries aren’t the only problem here...

13. “I tried to make my cousin a Mickey cake for his birthday.”

14. “My girlfriend’s best friend made this cake for her on her birthday.”

15. “My daughter wanted to make her own eleventh birthday cake.”

16. “Somehow, my cake didn’t turn out as I expected.”

17. “The cake I asked for vs the cake I received”

18. “So, my dad told me he was making his own birthday cake this year, and then messaged me this.”

19. “An orange poppyseed cake of an orange tabby”

20. Wasn’t Pichu supposed to be cute?

Unlike what we’ve included in the list, what was the best birthday cake you’ve ever received, and what made it so special?

Preview photo credit SurplusSix / Reddit


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