20+ Cats That Nodded Off Before You Could Even Blink

3 years ago

You can easily tell who’s had a cat as a pet and who hasn’t by simply asking if they’ve noticed that cats sleep in the weirdest places they can possibly find. If they can relate, you know they’ve had a cat for sure. That’s how fun having a cat as a pet is. Even when it comes to sleeping, they do it in a particular, kind-of-weird, bossy-but-still-cute way. And because they need to rest for several hours a day, it often happens that they’re in the middle of something and suddenly you turn around and they’re asleep.

Bright Side wants to proudly present this compilation of 21 cats who decided that the bed wasn’t the ideal place to boss around their humans from their sleep, so they took over other places in the house.

1. My dude is taking a nap in the sink here, so you have to wait if you want to wash your hands.

2. “Again, my cat has found another strange way to sleep.”

3. Our match was a bit too tiring, leave me alone.

4. They are a match made in heaven (or maybe at the shoe store).

5. Couldn’t find the right mascara for my whiskers, so decided to take a little nap.

6. “Do not disturb.”

7. Don’t judge me coz you ain’t me.

8. “I know cats like to sleep in weird positions, but this is probably the most ridiculous.”

9. These books put me to sleep.

10. I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

11. Hope grandma won’t miss that plant very much.

12. Who doesn’t love the smell of fabric softener!

13. “George likes to sleep on the back of the couch.”

14. The tunnel cat

15. This kitty cat loves sleeping in boxes.

16. My superpower is my sleeping camouflage.

17. A very hygienic cat

18. Because who doesn’t love the feeling of a soft pair of slippers.

19. I came to see what you were up to, but had to take a nap first.

20. Dream #9

21. Find the cat.

Do you have a cat that loves sleeping in the weirdest places? Share a picture with us in the comments, along with a caption! Sweet dreams cat lovers. 😸


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My cat also loves sleeping behind our tv, but out tv is a lot slimmer so there's more room for him


I wonder if those cats that sleep in the sink have been there for a while or just went in there as the owner went into the bathroom


They're not only liquid... they're also big sleepers hahaha


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