20 Celebs Over 50 Who Are Giving Us Major Body Goals

3 years ago

You’re never too old to look fabulous and these women prove this in more ways than one. From Salma Hayek who can still rock a bikini with the best of them to Jennifer Aniston who has barely aged in decades, these women show us that age doesn’t have to be a barrier to glamour.

We at Bright Side would like to celebrate some of these celebs over 50 who are giving us body goals on a daily basis.

1. Salma Hayek, 54

2. Jennifer Lopez, 51

3. Celine Dion, 52

4. Halle Berry, 54

5. Madonna, 62

6. Cindy Crawford, 54

7. Nicole Kidman, 53

8. Elle Macpherson, 56

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones, 50

10. Kylie Minogue, 52

11. Jennifer Aniston, 51

12. Courteney Cox, 56

13. Julianne Moore, 59

14. Goldie Hawn, 74

15. Mariska Hargitay, 56

16. Vanessa Williams, 57

17. Demi Moore, 57

18. Jane Lynch, 60

19. Angela Bassett, 62

20. Jane Seymour, 69

Which of these beauties is your biggest fitness inspiration? What’s been your biggest challenge when it comes to staying fit as the years go by?

Preview photo credit Salmahayek / Instagram


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Well, most if not all of them have gone under the knife, so it's not hard to look younger (and plastic for a lot of them too).


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