20+ Designers Who Have the Magic Key to Creating Smash Hits

4 years ago

While some designers try to be unique in terms of creativity, others focus on usefulness and efficiency. For example, they create sneakers with a self-lacing technology, a stylish indoor garden which provides you with greenery all year round, ice-cream that takes care of your teeth, or a wonder-lamp.

At Bright Side, we are sure that you’ll admire these 20+ cool design solutions which will make your life so much easier and brighter.

You can see information on this screen only by standing directly in front of it.

This carton of fries has a separate pocket to hold ketchup in.

This system allows you to grow cabbage, spinach, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, or actually anything you want all year round.

An unusual elevator in City Hall, Prague

Forget about old-fashioned cat towers that just accumulate dust. Your cat will certainly love this airy and modern alternative.

This perfect side table combines simplicity and functionality.

This self-lacing technology by Puma allows you to tighten or loosen your footwear. Starting in 2020, it will come with an app that lets you do it remotely.

This ice cream will remind you to brush your teeth after you’ve eaten it.

This sofa becomes a bunk bed in just one move.

This perfect soap dispenser is extremely helpful when your hands are dirty.

The nook on this lamp looks like a real passageway.

This is what a sauna with a view looks like.

Now you’ll know exactly which chain to pull to turn on the lights or the ceiling fan.

This lamp creates a 3D illusion when turned on.

Soft cabinets made of rubber foam for storing kitchen ware

This backpack will help you kill time when necessary.

This U-shaped brush will make washing knives, forks and spoons so much easier.

This is the first modular light bulb in the world to use the proprietary touch-and-play technology. Its possibilities are endless.

This foldable staircase is perfect for small spaces.

“I found a hidden message when I ripped the paper off this ramen pot.”

A socket with a secret

This tile pattern lets you know if you’ll be hit by the opening door.

A stylish and practical bookmark pen

Which of these cool things would you rather have for yourself?


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Soft cabinet is exactly what such a clumsy person like me needs! It will save me tons of dishes and cups!!!


I find this brish in the ice cream useless. What if you eat ice cream on the street and you can't brush your teeth? Most of us will probably forget about it when return back home. Though, brushing your teeth after every ice cream you eat is unhealthy for the teeth.


I honestly would love to buy this cabbage growing system :)
It look stylish, allows to grow plants inside the house / apartement and replaces the little gerden! Love this idea.
Which one did you like, guys?


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