20+ Easy and Effective Hacks to Solve Everyday Problems

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2 years ago

The day-to-day routine can make things like keeping the house clean or saving money seem complicated. But the truth is that some people have found ways to solve some of these daily difficulties without much effort. For example: making a home office, even when there seemed to be no space, or watering plants in a garden without lifting a finger.

Bright Side compiled some of the best tips people have shared on the internet to simplify everyday life. In the bonus, you can find other tips that go beyond domestic life.

1. To save space in a closet, use soda can rings as a connector between clothing hooks.

2. "This Pinterest hack really works. Simply use micellar water to clean your shoes.

3. If you lack space at home, a closet can be turned into an office.

4. “I had a lot of old jeans that didn’t fit or were worn out, so I made a new pair with them!”

5. “A simple hack cutting a keyhole shape into an end table for a handy tree table!”

6. “Girlfriend pulls off the fitted sheet in her sleep. Me, being the good BF that I am, came up with a solution.”

7. “The easiest way to water your garden.”

8. “Had a volunteer help me make these stools out of our discarded books for new library seating.”

9. “This is how my wife protects her yarn from the cats.”

10. “Hate not being able to find the end of the tape? Stick a bread bag clip to the end.”

11. “Just saw my partner charging her phone like this. For years, I’ve left my phone charging on the floor like a fool!”

12. An environmentally friendly option for making confetti

13. “Buy cleaning solutions in bulk and get a set of industrial spray bottles — you’ll have a better experience for less money.”

14. “When you lose power you can use empty translucent milk/water jugs to dramatically improve the light output from a flashlight. Works exceptionally well.”

15. “Thanks to your advice, I was able to restore my favorite boots! Vinyl repair kit and some Kiwi really did the trick.”

16. “Taping wax paper to your windows is an easy, cheap, and quick way to keep your privacy without compromising natural light.”

17. “Stack and store non-stick pots and pans with lids upside down to reduce scratches to the interiors.”

18. Get more chicken wings in the oven

“Fit more wings in the oven and get better results. I was able to fit 2 large packets of hot wings into a medium-sized oven dish by using wooden skewers to hold up the wings vertically. Once cooked, they are crispy and perfect.”

19. “Biggest sneaker-life hack: use an eraser to remove stains/ dirt from sneakers. Works especially well on nubuck, suede, leather, and rubber.”

20. “Instead of buying a new air freshener, add a few drops of essential oil to the old one. Cheaper, lasts longer, and you can customize!”

21. “I made 2 different vertical gardens by recycling plastic bottles and I also made some planters out of scrap materials found in the street.”

Bonus: life tips that go beyond domestic life

  • Do chores when you feel angry. Keep to yourself and wash dishes, garden, sweep the floor, etc. Use all that adrenaline toward something that will benefit you instead of doing impulsive stuff. © We**onized_Goose / Reddit
  • Before leaving on vacation, do a deep clean of your living space. The refreshed and renewed feelings from vacation will be prolonged, and help you transition back to your routine with a clear head. © Coffeeandcontemplate / Reddit
  • If you are doing something and a young child asks to help, don’t say “no” or “you’re too little.” Find a way to have them help, even if it’s a distraction unrelated to your task, and thank them for helping. This develops positive self-esteem, mindfulness, collaboration, and gratitude. © TerminusBest / Reddit
  • As soon as you have a name for your baby, create an email address for them and share it with your family. They will be able to send messages and pictures. It’s going to be the best present for your kid in a few years. © MrQuinze / Reddit
  • If you plan on becoming a serious runner and are sedentary, spend a month or 2 walking before getting into running. © Icy-General50 / Reddit
  • If and when you get painful menstrual cramps, do a wall push-up. This tip was given to me by an ER nurse years ago and it still blows me away how effective this is. We already know that exercise can be helpful for period cramps, but in the moment of a bad cramp, we may not have the energy or ability to just go take a jog. © Candrade2261 / Reddit

What life advice do you still follow and why? We can make our own list!

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