20 Flexible Pets Who Can Do the Downward Dog Better Than Most Humans

3 years ago

Yoga is an ancient discipline we do to improve our mental and physical health. But humans aren’t the only ones who practice it — animals do too. We don’t know if they do it for fun or to achieve greater physical and mental control, but it’s clear to us that doing yoga with our pets is an excellent opportunity to spend more quality time with them.

Bright Side found some little animals who decided to join in with their owners’ habits. We think they may want to relax and get pampered a bit between leg stretches. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus that reveals a very dedicated student.

1. When you’re practicing and your dog decides to help you do better:

2. “He does yog-woof!”

3. Daisy helps her human with some tough positions.

4. We all do our best!

5. It’s time to relax with the child pose.

6. “This isn’t that hard, I don’t understand why humans complain so much.”

7. The best instructor for teaching downward dog

8. This instructor only wants to be pampered and kissed!

9. You know you’re doing the peacock pose correctly when one shows up to confirm it.

10. The perfect way to practice your balance

11. Ironically, this cat perfectly mastered the dog’s pose.

12. But who does it better?

13. And this would be upward facing guinea pig pose!

14. “Look, yoga classes are starting to pay off!”

15. “I can do it too!”

16. Nothing like a few stretches to start the day off well.

17. Strengthening the front legs

18. Stretching to get pampered

19. If you see it like this, it doesn’t seem so hard...

20. To end the class, nothing’s better than many healing hugs.

Bonus: Here, you can see an apprentice getting started in the world of yoga.

Have you ever seen your pet in a complicated position that would take you years of yoga practice to do? Would you dare to share a photo with us?

Preview photo credit Dexter_davis / Reddit


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