20+ Guests Who Took the Phrase “Make Yourself at Home!” Too Literally

3 years ago

It’s always interesting to have guests or to visit someone’s place as a guest. However, some people’s actions can make even the friendliest of owners go crazy. Especially the ones that internet users and authors shared with us below.

We at Bright Side hope that you only have to welcome wanted guests in your house and we feel sorry to those who were unlucky enough to have the unwanted ones.

  • Once, we welcomed a family with a 6-year-old kid into our house. I can’t say he was extremely spoiled, but he did make a lot of noise. Initially, they were planning to stay at our house for 2 days, but ended up staying for a week... OK. They didn’t help us and demanded that we entertain them — that was also OK. But at one point, they decided to go to a restaurant and asked us to babysit their kid. We refused and earned the title of the rudest and most ungrateful hosts in the world.

  • My guests threw their baby’s dirty diapers under my bed for the entire weekend... it wasn’t funny when I found them all after they left on Sunday night. They also stole some coins from my piggy bank. © katielady13 / Reddit

  • My mom’s colleague stole our French perfume at the end of the ’80s. Later she lied and said that she’d never seen it, at the same time she smelled like this perfume. © Ekaterina Chlo / Bright Side
  • I invited my friends to my place and baked a cake. One of them went to the kitchen and ate the whole cake alone. I felt awkward in front of others and have stopped inviting that friend to my place since then. © Marina Osipova / Facebook

  • My daughter invited another girl to sleepover at our house. The girl came with her mother. The child went to play with my daughter the minute I opened the door. Her mother came inside, with her small dog. I figured that the mother just wanted a few minutes to chat. But she stayed for HOURS. Her dog peed on my carpeted floor TWICE. It took me until nearly 11 p.m. to finally get her to leave with her ill-mannered dog. I discouraged my daughter from having sleepover visits with that friend again. © Kristi Madron / Quora

  • We have friends who promised to arrive by 2 p.m. and called at 2:30 p.m. to say they were running 2 hours late. Once, we were 10 minutes late, called them to warn them, and they replied that they had just woken up and were not ready to welcome guests at the moment. We decided to reschedule the meet up. Eventually, they ended up making us feel guilty for getting together so late. Needless to say that this was our last time hanging out. © Detcher / Bright Side

  • Once, I met an old friend and invited her to come over. I cooked and served a tasty dinner. She was introduced to my family and continued admiring my house, my tablecloth, and the napkins that I got from my mother. We all sat down to eat. After grace was said by my husband, the woman picked up her cloth napkin and wiped off her lipstick, her deep dark red lipstick, smeared it right off onto my mother’s white heirloom napkin. She then smiled a wicked smile and said something about a napkin’s purpose. © Cynthia Coleman / Quora

  • I am a painter. I had been working on a city landscape picture for about 6 months. It was very accurate and detailed: the lightning, the shadows, the tinges. Once, we had visitors — our neighbors: a husband, a wife, and a 6-year-old boy. While the adults were sitting at the table talking, the boy snuck into the other room, grabbed one of my paint brushes, and ruined the whole work by painting wide red stripes all over the painting. His parents were very surprised by seeing me be upset. They thought it was funny. © Nadejda Novikova / Facebook
  • My family and I once went to visit friends. We had been to this apartment once before. I stayed downstairs to talk on the phone and then came up to what I thought was the correct floor. So I went to wash my hands before sitting down at the table. When I opened the door, I greeted everyone with a smile and started to search for the birthday person to congratulate him. A second later, I realized I wasn’t recognizing anyone. My wife, my mother-in-law, and my father-in-law were not there. The people sitting at the table also greeted me, but had an unspoken question written on their faces, “Which side are you from?” Turned out, I mixed up the floor. © Papamio / Pikabu

  • I also have an interesting story. I was living in a one-bedroom apartment and my parents asked me to let their friends’ daughter stay at my place for a few days. I agreed, but it turned out that a few days turned into 2 weeks. This slim girl ate much more than a big, stocky guy and we were also running out of toilet paper in a blink of an eye because she would make thick rolls out of it. © valentinivanenko / Pikabu

  • We moved to a new home in a rural area and decided to have all the neighbors over for an afternoon barbeque. It was a fun event on the lawn with a food tent. Until my husband went into the house. One of our guests was sitting alone at our kitchen table, munching on fried chicken. And throwing the bones onto the floor. He was told to stop and never received another invitation to our home. © Debbie Harsany / Quora
  • My grandma visited from out of state for my high school graduation. She stayed for 2 weeks past my graduation, threw a fit if I tried to sleep past 9 AM, and told my mom that she needed to work less, so she could clean the house better. © PixelRapunzel / Reddit

What weird things have guests done at your house? Or maybe you have done something that you feel shy talking about?

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i had just moved to a new city and one of my close friends requested for me to host another friend for 4 days. I agreed. this woman, not only stayed in my house for a month but treated it like a hotel...i found empty wrappers tucked under the mattress ...she even "borrowed" my clothes without asking and then proceeded to ruin them ...the last straw was when she accused me of breaking her mobile phone...I couldn't even imagine anyone doing these things... in my country, we consider guests to be a replica of God...this was more like satan!


my friend visited me and took away all my Super Hero action figures.


My cousin visited us and before she left she stole my ps3 with all the games I had, she denied ever seeing it, after a couple of months her mother returned the console broken and none of the games came back with it, when I asked her about it she told me that she sold them.


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