20+ Horrifying Photos That Show How Far We Went With Planet Pollution

4 years ago

Our Earth is amazing. There are thousands of picturesque locations, stunning natural phenomena, and millions of life forms. We all admit it’s impossible to stay indifferent to our planet, but still, we’re killing it. The way we treat the planet cannot do anything but horrify. We think it will bear everything, but the thing is, the human effect is devastating. Take the “ghost” fishing nets as an example: each year we leave nearly 640,000 tons of them in the oceans, and it takes about 600 years for each to decompose. Thousands of animals get trapped there, from fish to whales, and they don’t have any way to break free.

Today, Bright Side wants to tell you a heartbreaking, yet crucial story from the life of Mother Earth. We promise that these 26 images will tug on your heartstrings.

1. The perfect illustration of the ecological situation in China

2. The algae disaster in Qingdao, China

3. A fish trapped in a plastic glove

4. The oil spills may look like an abstract masterpiece but they are extremely dangerous for marine life.

5. This poor thing was trapped in a fishing net:

6. River Yamuna, New Delhi

7. A child standing in a river, surrounded by plastic waste.

8. The deadly trap

9. This tiny seahorse clinging to a cotton bud is heartbreaking:

10. The crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

11. When the marine and human worlds meet, these beautiful creatures can't take care of themselves.

12. The plastic waves. Would you swim there?

13. The results of a beach cleanup. Why do we turn the place where we rest into an enormous ashtray?

14. Entanglement takes thousands of innocent lives.

15. The Confuso river in Paraguay was filled with so many dead fish, the water could hardly be seen.

16. For them, plastic bags look like jellyfish they can snack on, and the consequences are deadly.

17. A tiny plastic ring could be the cause of starvation and death.

18. Tiny shells dwelling on a plastic bottle

19. We think that microscopic waste is harmless, but it kills.

20. A horrifying algae pollution in China

21. Are we really this indifferent?

22. An unexpected view of the Taj Mahal

23. This is not even a minute's share of plastic waste for the planet:

24. The West Lake in Vietnam covered with dead fish

25. An Indian man brushing his teeth in the Ganga River

26. This cow has to find grass amidst all of the plastic:

Do you always carry your garbage to the bin? Do you try to reduce the amount of plastic in your life? Or maybe you've just decided to do so? It's not as difficult as it may seem.

We just want you to remember that every tiny effort counts. If you stop buying plastic bags in the supermarkets, or buy a reusable coffee cup, or stop throwing wrappers on the ground, this won't change the world overnight. Yet this will be the start of a better future.


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