20+ Hysterical Animal Photos That Blew Up the Internet

4 years ago

Social media has been a place for demonstrating your successes, wins, and achievements for a long time now. And a large number of tools that help us tweak reality really come in handy. But not all internet users want to make their reality look better than it is. So, instead of sharing photos of their perfect pets, a Twitter user started a movement that encourages people to post the worst pictures of their cats, dogs, and other pets.

We at Bright Side saw that this movement went way past Twitter and found other animal pictures that still got as many likes as the perfect ones, even though they are the opposite of ideal.

1. Don’t come any closer!

2. Just look at how surprised he is.

3. How do you like his Hollywood smile?

4. It’s disco time!

5. A professional biter

6. “I caught my cat in the act of attacking a roll of toilet paper.”

7. “I can’t do this anymore.”

8. A cry for help

9. He loves getting a head scratching!

10. The perks of having a glass dinner table

11. “This is how Bella cleans herself.”

12. “Just let me quickly explain who the boss is here.”

13. What can be better than this?

14. A brand new species of bear

15. When you’re obviously in the presence of America’s Next Top *Dog* Model:

16. “Dad, did you call me?”

17. “Maybe *don’t* smile for the camera?”

18. Just look at these eyes.

19. We think this cat might be broken.

20. He loves taking selfies and making faces.

21. Renaissance era emotions

22. An epic battle against a cardboard box

23. “He’s happy he found his bone.”

Do you have any ridiculous photos of your pets?

Preview photo credit ameliespch / reddit


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No. 4. The "disco time" is my photo of my own dogs originally posted in my facebook account with "thriller" caption


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