20 Kids Who Can Make Any Parent Slap Their Forehead and Sigh

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3 years ago

“I turned around for one second,” is how most of the funniest stories that involve kids start. Every parent can relate to a situation where 5 minutes of silence can lead to disastrous, yet laughable consequences. Sometimes it seems that, in the kids universe, time is moving at a different speed and they can manage to make a huge mess in the blink of an eye.

We at Bright Side understand that being a parent is challenging, but it’s also the greatest happiness you can experience. And we want to laugh together with you over the surprises that life with kids can give us.

1. “Make a wish.”

2. “I’m never going to be able to eat cake ever again.”

3. “My 3-year-old made me run up the stairs after yelling, ’Dada! There’s a sea of water on the counter!’”

4. “My son thinks he found the Band-Aids...”

5. “My 6-year-old son had been asking me over and over, ‘Do you need to go to the bathroom?’ and I just found out why.”

6. “My son-in-law asked my granddaughter to put her clothes upstairs.”

7. “I told my daughter she couldn’t take the clothes off the hangers and try them on, so I got this...”

8. “I let my 5-year-old boy play with a girl’s Lego set. This was the first piece he added.”

9. “So apparently there’s a little kid in front of us on this flight...”

10. “For Mother’s Day, my daughter’s either funny or lazy.”

11. “Told my son to clean his room...”

12. “I asked my son to get clothes on to help me do yard work and he came out dressed like this.”

13. “Happy Mother’s Day from a 5-year-old.”

14. “He’s crying because he bit his own arm.”

15. “Mom, I’m going to boil an egg to have on toast.” Me yelling back from the bathroom: “Just give me a sec and I’ll show...” BOOM!"

16. “Summer fun!”

17. “My friend’s son made this for Father’s Day.”

18. “Checked up on my son half way through Disney’s Cars 2 to find this...”

19. “Asked my niece to put these in the bathroom. Guess I should’ve been more specific.”

20. “Playing hide and seek with my son. He thinks I can’t see him.”

Do you agree that having kids changes your life in the most unexpected way? Have your kids ever made you slap your forehead and sigh? Share the most amusing situations with us that have happened to you.


Kids are hilarious in their actions. But the cute innocent smile can melt any hearts.
can agree with #13.. when I was a child all these snails, spiders and frogs amazed me so much :D
#7 is not a facepalm, but a very witty child. She has a big potential ;)

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