20 Men Who Can’t Get Enough of Being a Dad

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3 years ago

Dads may not be the ones that carry a baby in their body for 9 months, but they are equally as important to a child’s life as their mother. Most of the time, they are the ones that show their emotions in the most subtle way. Luckily for us, there are some people that managed to capture their emotions on camera.

Bright Side can’t resist to these 20 adorable dads whose kids bring happiness and light into their lives.

1. That moment when you first hold your newborn in your hands.

2. “Here are some reflections from my first month of fatherhood.”

3. “First Christmas morning with my son”

4. “Did someone say beast mode?”

5. “First bath went well, I think. She wasn’t a fan of getting out, though.”

6. “Me and my 4-month-old”

7. “Born at 34 weeks, she spent a month in the NICU. She’s walking along furniture now and has 8 teeth.”

8. No one said that a dad can’t take a bath with his kid.

9. “You got me in the palm of your hand.”

10. “My husband and our Wesley. Best friends already.”

11. The Rock being the great dad we all know him to be

12. “Time flies when you’re anxiously enjoying parenthood.”

13. “Is there anything better? Especially when you look over and see mom and grandma’s faces.”

14. “They ganged up on me today.”

15. Andy Cohen seems to be enjoying having his glasses being pulled off his face.

16. “Proud new dad with both of my kids in the same picture for the first time”

17. Offset spending some quality time with his baby.

18. You don’t have to ask dads twice to pick you up.

19. “My little one is 2 weeks old today. I love him so much.”

20. “Only love can save us.”

How was your dad as a parent? Was he constantly showing you his love? Please share any adorable photos you might have with him.


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not everyone is so lucky .....some dads don't care some dads abandon neglect abuse belittle but seeing these pictures well is wonderful ......dads are so important in children's lives .


Dads are the best! I lost mine last year, but I will always remember the things we did together, all the support I got from him and all the adventures we did together :))


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