20+ New Gifts From Nature That Impress the Human Mind

3 years ago

Nature never stops finding ways to tickle our minds. And we’re so grateful for that because not a single day ever feels boring. Seeing a pepper go through all 3 stages of ripeness at once or finding out that lemons float and limes sink are just small things that prove how amazing Mother Nature is.

We at Bright Side have selected 23 photos of strange yet fascinating situations. Check them out and prepare to be surprised. There’s a bonus point at the end showing an amazing picture by a lucky photographer.

1. “A cherry just grew alone in the middle of my tree.”

2. “The color change between my horse’s summer and winter coat is neat.”

3. “The smallest maple tree leaf I’ve ever seen”

4. A tree that made a star in the middle of this branch

5. This tomato looks like it was stitched together.

6. These forget-me-not flowers grew in a heart shape.

7. “This pine wood has an arrow pointing to what was the center of the tree.”

8. “I caught a fish that had scoliosis.”

9. These flowers mix their 3 colors (white, yellow, and red) in random proportions.

10. This is a half-green, half-red bell pepper.

11. “My iris is misshaped but I have no known eye problems, even after 25 years!”

12. “My mini cactus sprouted a big flower that literally lasted one day.”

13. This tangerine had a baby tangerine inside of it.

14. This dog has a spot that looks like a perfect circle.

15. “My parents’ cactus looks like a person waving.”

16. “Every year we get a single red rose that grows through the wall of ivy in our garden.”

17. “Spotted a squirrel with unusual coloring!”

18. This slice of pepper is going through all 3 stages of ripeness at once.

19. This garlic that’s just one big clove

20. “The return of pigmentation in my Rottweiler’s skin and fur over the past 3 years — she has vitiligo.”

21. “A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole during sunset”

22. This petunia looks like a galaxy.

23. It turns out that lemons float and limes sink.

Bonus: This plane looks like it’s flying to the moon.

What confusing facts have you discovered lately? If you have photos of things that made you say, “Wow!” out loud, please share them with us!

Preview photo credit PaperPonies / reddit


16 shows that nature is really powerful and will always find a way to grow/bloom
I mean some people have the same with their hair.. no? I'm talking about number 2

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