20 Old Photos of Celebrities You’ll Be Hard Pressed to Find in Any Fashion Magazine

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Looking at old photos is incredibly interesting because every single one of them is part of history. The same goes for photos of celebrities — but famous people often look completely different from what we are used to. For example, Stephen King used to play in a rock band and Ozzy Osbourne loved cats.

Bright Side has found rare photos of celebrities that we couldn’t help but share.

1. Marilyn Monroe without makeup

2. Marilyn Monroe as a child

3. Victoria Beckham as a child

4. Hugh Jackman with a friend at the airport, 1986

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the day he got his U.S. citizenship

6. A young David Duchovny with his sister

7. Britney Spears with her friends

8. Madonna used to be a brunette.

9. Mick Jagger was a cool biker.

10. Peter Dinklage before he became popular

11. A photo that explains why Jim Carrey didn’t become a writer

12. Ozzy Osbourne used to love cats.

13. Stephen King was a rock musician back in 1992.

14. Avril Lavigne, Halloween, 2008

15. A 17-year-old Kim Kardashian with her friend

16. Marilyn Manson with his father

17. Dita von Teese and her friend after a party. Yes, this is her natural hair color!

18. Jared Leto said, “Can’t remember how old this is but I remember it’s old.”

19. Not Kurt Cobain, but rather, Sting in 1970

20. Prince Charles giving directions to Prince Harry

Do you like looking at old photos? Maybe you would like to see photos of celebrities we haven’t written about? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit imgur, Frank Livia


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