20 Ordinary People Who Look Like They Came Straight Off the Screen

3 years ago

You’re just taking a train ride home after watching a movie at the cinema and you see someone who looks just like the main character in the movie taking the same train. While this may sound too good to be true, time and again, netizens have proven that if you’re lucky, you might just stumble into someone who looks like your favorite movie character.

Bright Side finds the uncanny resemblances of ordinary people to what we see on the screen amusing and has compiled them for your viewing pleasure.

1. Cole, one part of a comedy trio on Vine, looks just like Kristoff from Frozen.

2. This Norwegian naval lieutenant looks a lot like Thor. He even wields an axe like Thor does his hammer!

3. “This train commuter looked so much like Gru that I was tempted to ask him where his minions were.”

4. Wolverine from X-Men might have been based on the look of this man on the bus.

5. A Redditor’s great aunt looks more like Harry Potter’s aunt than Aunt Petunia does.

6. “This man behind me at a restaurant looks so much like Gandalf from Lord of The Rings. Maybe he has his staff hidden under the table.”

7. A sales associate who looks like Harry Potter got a lot of attention when he started wearing glasses.

8. This airline employee reminds us of Snape from Harry Potter.

9. Someone’s great grandma looks just like Mrs. Doubtfire.

10. Meet Flynn Rider from Tangled, the Malaysian version

11. This Instagrammer looks like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, don’t you think?

12. Maybe Adam DeMamp from Workaholics looked just like this kid when he was little.

13. This guy looks more like Woody from Toy Story than Tom Hanks, who voiced Woody, does.

14. This girl from a baking competition looks so much like Kari The Babysitter in The Incredibles.

15. This guy’s features may not be the same when compared one by one to Dexter, but taken as a whole, they look alike.

16. This man looks like Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games.

17. This man looks like he could be related to Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.

18. This gym teacher looks like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Let’s hope there are no zombies at school!

19. Abby From NCIS, is that you?

20. This Instagrammer looks like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Bonus: These users of public transportation look like characters from Harry Potter. Can you guess who each one looks like?

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you actually saw these people on the street and were instantly reminded of your favorite movies or TV shows? If you have seen these people, or even better, if you look like any movie characters yourself, share your photos with us!


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