20 Outfits and Accessories That’ve Withstood the Test of Time and Now Allure Us With Their Charm

2 years ago

Some people enjoy opening a trunk of memories and finding dresses, shoes, or jackets that belonged to their grandparents and parents — they like to see garments from past times that are still in good condition and waiting to be worn again. So these people give them a second or third chance.

Bright Side made a compilation of photos of clothes that are still loved by their owners despite their age.

1. “This is me, wearing my great-grandmother’s traditional Finnish dress from 1936.”

2. “My grandmother at a homecoming football game in 1957, and me in the same dress 60 years later”

3. “I snagged my granddad’s (86’) ski wear for my trip to the slopes.”

4. “Me and my dad wearing the same tie to our respective graduations 30 years apart”

“This was not planned. I needed a tie, and this is the one he gave me. Weeks later we realized...”

5. “A black wedding dress from the 1860s that my grandma displays in her house”

“She said it belonged to a 20-year-old woman marrying an 83-year-old man.”

6. “My daughter and her great-grandmother wearing the same homemade outfit 101 years apart”

7. “I just received these Red Wing boots my dad bought in 1976 for $80.”

8. “Photo on the left of my great-grandma in her ‘roller skating outfit’ that she sewed and embroidered herself as a teenager. Me, on the right, wearing her same outfit 70+ years later.”

9. “I just got my great-grandmother’s glasses fixed up and fitted with my prescription!! I’m not sure how old they are, but they’re probably from the 1960s.”

“Thrilled to be able to keep her style in the family!”

10. “I had the honor of wearing my grandmother’s headpiece from the ’50s in my wedding.”

11. “I was given a pair of my great-grandmother’s pants!”

12. “Vintage wool cruiser jacket that belonged to my grandpa”

13. “My ’90s skirt was handed down to me by my mom. She bought it at the age I am now when she was managing at a clothing store in the mall.”

14. “Giving a new life to my grandmother’s clothes ❤️”

15. “My great-great-grandmother’s 1896 wedding dress. Handmade by her (she worked in a haberdashery)”

16. “I found an authentic ’50s/’60s swimsuit, and it actually fits!!”

17. “My favorite 1960s dress and handbag”

18. “My son using my JanSport I got 20 years ago to start middle school. It still looks brand new”

19. “Thrifted from Bulgaria around 2 decades ago. Rail Road Worker steel toe boots. They haven’t moved an inch since the day I got them.”

20. “Found this 1950s polyester dress for an absolute STEAL at $9 today.”

Have you ever found any old or interesting accessories? Which piece of clothing that you own would you like your children or grandchildren to wear in the future?

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in photo 8, this dress looks gorgeous, someone please bring back such designs in fashion


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