20+ Owners That Just Wanted a Pet but Actually Got a Beloved Family Member

3 years ago

When people get a cat or a dog as a pet, their lives usually change completely. And it’s not just about new duties and responsibilities. It’s about having a loving and loyal friend that becomes the dearest living creature in the world.

We at Bright Side are really passionate about our pets, which is why we decided to prepare a compilation of photos proving that pets are not just animals, they’re actual family members.

“A wonderful picture of my brother and our boxer. It’s like they’re twins.”

“My aunt made a couch for her cat.”

This gentleman reversed his hooded sweatshirt to make a puppy pocket.

“My husband brought home a model tent from work a couple months ago.”

“My ex and I split up 2 years ago and he still sends our dog, Apollo, a birthday card and gift card on his birthday.”

“Passed out and she squeezed in to cuddle. My girlfriend said we were both snoring.”

“My grandma is in the hospital and my cat just spends hours waiting for her in the kitchen.”

“My husband set up a tunnel that leads from our window into a tent in the front yard, and it’s been a massive hit with both our cats and the entire neighborhood! People are constantly stopping to take pictures and wave at them.”

Just look at these sleeping fellas!

“My kitten likes to be held like a baby (sorry for the junk in the background).”

Paws instead of a shovel!

“My cats sleep in bunk beds.”

They love to chill with their tiny human!

“Before, when I saw the difference between the photos of dogs in shelters and when they found their new owners, I didn’t believe the look in their eyes could be different. Today, I looked at a photo of Leyla when she was still in the shelter...”

“I had to go on a business trip for a week. I asked my neighbor to look after my cat. I was ready for the cold shoulder when I got back. But when I came home, my cat started smiling.”

“I didn’t really like dogs in the past... When I saw Ginger for the first time, I felt indifferent. But she changed me and now I want to love and care for her. I truly love her.”

“My girlfriend made an art gallery for our cat.”

“— Let’s buy a baby chair so that our kid doesn’t have to lie on the dog mat anymore.
— Okay.”

“We took Johnny out on an adventure today!”

“Let me add a little fun to your life.”

“We just made a replica of SpongeBob’s pineapple for our cat.”

Share the story of your friendship with your pet. Don’t forget to send us pictures!


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this cat that sits in the kitchen looks so sad, it breaks my heart..


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