20 Parent-Child Moments That Instantly Made Us Want to Call Our Parents

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4 years ago

When the sweet moments between parents and children in their everyday lives are captured in photos, they can make our hearts flutter as we look at them. The laughter of a child being captured on camera as she opens her arms to hug her father. Or the beautiful shot of a mother doing her daughter’s makeup for a ballet recital.

We at Bright Side feel our heartstrings being tugged when we look at these heart-warming photos of parents and their children. We hope they make you smile the way they made us smile.

1. “Today is my birthday and my mom sent me this picture of her doing my makeup for a ballet recital.”

2. “My Dad and me, on a camping trip. My mom really takes the best photos.”

3. “Every Sunday, my husband brings me flowers after grocery shopping with my daughter. Today, he bought flowers for her.”

4. A little girl and her mom after a play session

5. “Chatting with my dad while he was on break back in the ’80s”

6. He digitized the videos his dad took of him as a kid. His dad is 90 and has dementia, but today he got to relive it all.

7. Father and son having the time of their lives.

8. A mother being playful while her daughter dyes her hair

9. “This is dad’s favorite photo of us.”

10. “My mother hugging me, her only son. I was adopted as an infant.”

11. Happy parents with their equally happy 3-month-old son.

12. Having a new little sister isn’t easy. So dad took her out on a daddy-daughter date so she knows she’s still his princess.

13. “My mother and me, chilling on our couch. She is the coolest lady I know.”

14. He has always wanted a little girl. So much so that he even picked out a name 10 years ago. With a big smile, he holds his newborn daughter.

15. “Dad died a month ago. We had our issues, but this picture reminds me that there were once good times.”

16. This dad is so proud of his stepdaughter at her kindergarten graduation.

17. This dad is balancing his giggling daughter on his hands.

18. Father and son, speaking with their eyes

19. A priceless moment when this dad beat his daughter in a game

20. Dad and son adoring each other. The little boy was born 11 weeks early with some health issues.

Do you have that one picture of you and your parents or of you and your child that you treasure the most? Share them with us and tag your family and friends to brighten up their day with these photos!

Preview photo credit BigRed88m / reddit


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