20+ People Shared Nostalgic Photos That Soothed Our Soul

4 years ago

Picking up the dusty family photo albums and diving head into the memories of way back then always proves fruitful. Especially when you end up finding new treasures worthy of sharing with the world, like your grandparents wearing each other’s clothes in the 40s or your dad diving off a submarine in the summer of 1983.

So, Bright Side comes to you now with a collection of old photos which are bound to surprise you and leave you feeling warm inside.

1. “My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s.”

2. “My 13-year-old dad having a taste while the grown-ups are busy playing cards, upstate New York, August 1954”

3. “Mom making herself into a BMX ramp, 1980s”

4. “Infant me, my mother, and my father at a bar, because that’s how parents rolled in the early 80s.”

5. “My parents on their wedding day, circa 1985”

6. “Our grandmothers didn’t shy away from fun.”

7. “My grandma always used to tell us about this kid that would sing at the resort on her vacations in Hawaii in the 90s. Turns out that kid was Bruno Mars.”

8. “My parents’ non-traditional wedding, 1984”

9. “My grandparents wearing each other’s clothes, 1943”

10. “My parents swapping wedding attire, 1984”

11. “My mom’s baby picture from the time when photo flashes were small combustion explosions, 1922”

12. “My favorite picture of my mom: She was the only girl in her welding class in 1984.”

13. “Chuck Norris pinned by my dad.”

14. “My dad diving off the starboard fin of a submarine and into the Pacific Ocean in the summer of 1983.”

15. “My grandfather and great-grandmother in 1941: He always wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force but wasn’t allowed to because of his colorblindness.”

16. “My great aunt and her dad in the 1950s, he couldn’t wait for his tree to grow before using his hammock.”

17. “Here’s my uncle looking rad back in 1979... I’m the baby and just cool by association.”

18. “My grandfather on my grandmother’s shoulders, sometime in the 1940s”

19. “My uncle being held by a guy in a weirdly realistic bear costume, early 70s”

20. “The swimmobile! How my mom learned to swim in inner city Detroit in the 60s”

21. “My grandmother meeting Walt Disney on a visit to Disneyland in 1956”

22. “My dad’s skateboarding at Hyde School in 1982. I think he was cooler than me.”

23. “My traditional Australian upbringing, 1979”

24. “My dad sculpting a bust of my mom, 1980s”

25. “My mom winning the pie eating contest by beating all the boys, 1950”

Did these photos take you back to a specific moment in your life? Have you ever found a surprising old photo of one of your relatives? Share your stories and pics with us in the comments. We’ll be waiting!


Dad in #17 looks so stylish, he would be popular even nowadays
Next time you say that your parents are boring, go and watch their photos when they were young. Maybe they were even cooler than you right now
Seems like couples always liked to mess around and try clothes of each others ?

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